16 Minecraft Wall Ideas | World-o-Walls


Imgur user MCNoodlor has put together an amazing collection of walls along with a wireframe to help you create your own ideas! If you do create one, please post it in the comments below to add to this list! You will find 16 below and a download link at the bottom!                   …

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Starkiller Base | Star Wars


Starkiller Base, implemented in a 100k x 100k snowy mountain world; the cannon itself is 30k, and the trench’s length is the full 100k. This map was a year long project and a lot of time, effort, and RAM was put into it. Feel free to send me a PM if you want to know how I made it, or …

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Akira Rakani


Akira Rakani Vaeron is proud to present its comeback project. This project was created over the span of one month. We wanted to create something that could really represent the team coming back, and as such the project had to be something joyful and colorful. We believe this oriental theme managed to accurately depict our vision of the build. Were …

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Phaendar Medieval Church Island


I would like to show you my new small build.  It’s called Phaendar– the medieval church island. Fell free to use it.  Just let me know, please. U can use it as spawn or u can make parkour around the island. Or whatever. I hope, u will love this island, but when you’re not, it’s not my problem. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Thank …

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Quartz Tower #8


The structure is made of mostly quartz, cyan clay, and blue glass. Sea lanterns for lighting. Interior include complete ground floor and top section. The full structure consists of two connected towers and extended ground floor. This building has almost no curvatures unlike any of my other buildings so far. Height: 175 Floors: 23 Building Area: – Base: ~5162 – …

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Medieval Exterior Designs | Bundle


Today I would like to present you my Medieval bundle that I have built for you! I hope a lot that this will help Most of you improve your maps. You are free to use this bundle. I hope for a diamond to be added to this project if that helped you out or if you like this bundle. Bundle …

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Trick or Treat House


Happy Halloween guys (late), I wanted to put something out and this is what I came up with. I didn’t plan any interior for this one though, time was short so this will have to do, hope you like it. Btw, the colors are wrong in the first picture, idk why but hey it looks pretty cool. Additional Credits: Built …

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Future CITY 3.5


During its existence, Future CITY underwent several air attacks. To protect themselves, citizens have decided to build a dome protected by a magnetic field. Tests are underway to validate this new shield, in a new section called Area 2-57. MapCrafter View

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World of Worlds 2.7


Just one world with buildings from more than 69 cities all around the world… All known monuments or buildings on the same map. Agra, Amsterdam, Auckland, Auschwitz camp, Austin, Bahrain, Bangkok, Berlin, Boston, Brasilia, Brussels, Budapest, Caen, Chicago, Copenhagen, Dallas, Detroit, Dubai, Dublin, Frankfurt, Giza, Hanoi, Hong-Kong, Hollywood, Houston, Istanbul, Jakarta, Karachi, Kuala Lumpur, Las-Vegas, Lille, Lisbon, London, Los-Angeles, Madrid, …

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The Assault on Kokodu | Zen Garden


The Assault on Kokodu Presenting my latest project – The Assault on Kokodu. I started this build 1 month ago and it was originally my entry in the Sketchfab Minecraft Mystery Competition. Unfortunately the site is unable to process the build due to its large size and therefore I won’t be entering it. Given the time constraints I had to …

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