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Most Beautiful Aesthetic And Interesting Minecraft Seeds

Every keen Minecraft player knows the importance of a good seed.

The better your spawn location, the easier it is to achieve your goals and the most great builds you can create.

Whether you want to speedrun, build, or just have a good time, we’ve tracked down even more of the best Minecraft seeds so you can have the perfect start in your new world or in a server, you can check out this list of smp servers!

Of all the minecraft beautiful seeds you can find online, we have put together a quick list with the best 18 pretty seeds and their codes that we really like.

Go through the list and test them out, we are sure at least one of them would catch your eye.

1. Jungle Oasis Seed

code: 392800909
version: 1.4

Jungle Oasis Minecraft seed island amazing beautiful 1.4

Do you enjoy exploring in the jungle or maybe going to the beach? Then this amazing seed might be perfect for you. This Jungle Oasis seed has a full ravine for you to not feel like you have been abandoned on your own in an island, you will find plenty  of jungle and beach area with also a great amount of animal supplies to survive.

2. Stilts Witch Hut Seed

code: 96909624
version: 1.8.1

Witch Hut on Stilts 1.8.1 minecraft seed world cave underground dark

This cool Minecraft seed features a Stilts With Hut in a really big swamp area. There is also a massive mesa biome behind it in case you are also looking for materials to build. The Witch Hut is surrounded by lots of trees and grass, with the swamp land as mentioned before.

3. Floating Island and Ominous Abyss

code: frt7g5
version: 1.8

Giant Floating Island feat. Ominous Abyss Minecraft interesting seed 1.8

This is not a very common seed, we have now the Floating Island and Ominous Abyss which as it’s name says and you can see in the image has a floating island with plenty of greens on it. But the floating island is not the only good thing about this seed, the terrain is filled with a ravine, a river and a temple all the way to the back. If you are a fan of amazing Minecraft environments and views, this is a must to try.

4. Hollow Mountain and Zombies

code: -4706651163609820240
version: 1.9

Hollow Mountain, Hello Zombies minecraft world seed 1.9

Now to one of my personal favorite seeds. This is a massive Hollow Mountain that is about 250 blocks high (it’s big lol). The view from the top is impressive like this cliff side mansion, the mountain has a hill in the middle  and there is a big cavern in it too. Something else good about this seed is that there is a small town next to it and a patch of plains.

5. Extreme Hills Seed

code: 6326680535685782330
version: 1.8

Gorgeous Extreme Hills Minecraft seed mountain 1.8

Then we have another hill/mountain seed. This is an Extreme Hill, if you decide to explore it you will quickly realize why it’s called “extreme”. The seed has some huge and amazing mountains right next to the spawn. Extreme Hill seed is so cool we know some players have used it as their main map when starting on Creative Mode, in case that is something you are looking to do soon too.

6. Mesa Forest Seed

code: 3971121552768171949
version: 1.8.3

Beautiful Mesa Forest minecraft world seed 1.8.3

If you are looking for a seed that has it all then this may be it! Well, not all but this Mesa Forest seed has a lot of things we know you will enjoy. As the main feature has a huge forest that goes through the whole area. You will also find a ravine with groups of trees but not as many as this Minecraf tree bundle, it also has layers of clay. Something that will surprise you and it’s one big reason to test out this seed is the underground tunnel system that covers the land, it’s impressive.

7. Minimalist Survival Island

code: 3366408241916580461
version: 1.8

Minimalist Survival Island Minecraft seed water sand 1.8

Looking for a unique seed? This seed will be the ultimate survival island you will find in the whole Minecraft world. The reason why this island is so different and difficult to survive in, is because the island is – apart from some grass and sand – completely empty, hence the minimalist name. Yes, this doesn’t as sound exciting as other seeds, but it is definitely a unique challenge. It does remind us to the Lost tv series lol

8. Village Surrounded by Snow

code: -870685196012565250
version: 1.8.3

Village Surrounded by Snow Minecraft world seed 1.8.3

For those looking for a little more lively seed compared to the past few ones we want to mention this Village Seed. As you can see in the image, it’s surrounded by a forest covered in snow, There are plenty of trees – here is a bundle of cherry trees in case you are looking for some -, grass and a few mountains not so far away. You will also find 3 diamonds by the ice plains biome.

9. Desert Mountain filled with Lave and a Splash of Greenery

code: 1168863261
version: 1.8

Lava-filled Desert Mountain with Splash of Greenery Minecraft seed 1.8

Another beautifully dry seed is this one we called “Desert Mountain with Lava and splash of green”. It is not difficult to imagine why we call it that way. What you will find in this seed is a massive desert with some big mountains, the unique part about this seed is that said mountains have a few trees at the top but there is also lava running down the mountain. There are also some green areas in the desert which probably won’t last long after the lava reaches them.

10. Landlocked Mushroom Biome

code: 1154343752
version: 1.9

Landlocked Mushroom Biome Minecraft world seed 1.9

Following with the diverse environment seeds we want to show you this Landlocked Mushroom biome. The biome is also next to some hills, a couple roofed and birch forests. It is also surrounded by water so as you can see there are plenty to explore if you decide to try out the seed.

11. Seaside Mega-Taiga Seed

code: 5936919068236758935
version: 1.8.4

Seaside Mega-Taiga Minecraft seed world 1.8.4

Something a lot of players search for are Mega Taiga biomes, so if you are one of them you should check out this seed. This spawns you in the ocean shore with some massive Mega Taiga biome just right next to it.

12. Snowy Island and Big Mountains

code: 3273650411067511766
version: 1.8.8

Mountainous Snowy Island minecraft world seed create 1.8.8

Now another snow, island and mountain filled seed as some others we have mentioned in this post. This snowy island seed will spawn you in a floating island on top of the ocean. As you can see in the image, this floating island has crazy views from the top on which you will also find big mountains covered in snow.

13. Ravine Library Seed

code: 7352190906321318631
version: 1.8.3

Ravine Stronghold Library minecraft seed 1.8.3

Looking for seeds where they are not in an open environment we found this really nice Ravine Library seed. At the start of it you will encounter a stronghold intersecting with the ravine, there are a few intersections, not just one. Then you will find the library with no walls which is visible from the ravine, if you need walls check out our post on Minecraft wall ideas. Not exactly inside there is a portal room with flowing lava and a waterfall, this just to make it even more cool in case you are not that amazed by the library.

14. Ice Plains with Flower Forest

code: 4837753214958088255
version: 1.8.3

Flower Forest and Ice Plains Minecraft world seeds 1.8.3

If you enjoy the Tundra biome you probably will like this Ice Plain biome with ice pillars surrounded by grass, trees and water. You will begin the exploration in the flower forest, not exactly flower pots but views from there are impressive, then you can move in direction to the ice plains for the beautiful frozen landscape.

15. Crazy Crater Seed

code: 8700829340959843130
version: 1.5

Crazy Crater minecraft seed world funny 1.5 interesting

Last but not least we want to mention this Crazy Crater Seed. This seed features a crater with lots of caves inside it and a ravine coming out from it not as many as this Minecraft caves mining dimension data pack but a lot. If you don’t think the thousands of caves and ravine are enough to explore this seed, you might be motivated by the 20 diamonds you can end with. This is probably one of the most amazing Minecraft seeds we have seen.

To help you make the most of the captivating landscapes of the Caves and Cliffs 2 update, all of these seeds are from version 1.18+.

16. Islands Galore

code: -1465919862
version: 1.18+

Islands Galore

Spawn in the midst of a picturesque island chain with a wealth of trees and cave entrances. This seed also provides a great building spot with plentiful open space and a visually interesting landscape.

Overall, it’s a solid starting location with a lot of potential for creativity. There are also a large number of shipwrecks and underwater ruins to discover.

17. Pirate’s Cove

code: -4688704997697835517
version: 1.18+

Pirates Cove

This pair of islands is equipped with multiple types of wood, surface lava, and best of all, caverns forming a pirate’s cove. This seed could be ideal for some really cool builds, it’s not often the landscape itself offers inspiration.

Not only do they make an excellent base, underwater ruins and ocean monuments lie just off the shore, ready to be looted. Just watch out for the drowned and the nearby pillager outpost!

There is also a mushroom fields island a short swim or boat ride away, the closest land mass.

18. Frozen Lake Village

code: 214788164
version: 1.18+

Frozen Lake Village

There are many villages scattered over every Minecraft world, but you’ve probably never seen one like this before.

These villagers have chosen the center of a frozen lake for their settlement, surrounded by towering ice spikes. Some of the paths and buildings even sit atop the ice!

The conditions may be harsh in this rare icy biome, but if these villagers can thrive, so can you.

19. Desert Village In Bamboo Jungle

code: 1942743729653594874
version: 1.18+

Desert Village

Here’s another very unusual village – desert buildings but inside a bamboo jungle biome! Located just a short journey from spawn at X=-514, Y=74, Z=-832, this fascinating combination is extremely rare.

If you’re interested in some more adventure, this seed has plenty more to offer. A jungle temple can be found close to the desert village, and next to the spawn is an abundance of fossils dotted around the swamp.

20. Resource Heaven

code: -7197888067497086356
version: 1.18+

Resource Heaven

This seed offers a strong start for a survival world with an abundance of desirable qualities. From gaping caverns giving easy access to ores to the many forests which are host to four different types of wood (jungle, acacia, birch and oak), you’ll have no shortage of resources.

On top of all of that, there’s also a ruined nether portal visible from the spawn. Venture out into the ocean to discover two ocean monuments nearby, or travel north to loot several desert temples at your doorstep.

21. Looks Can Be Deceiving

code: 5255823060500105168
version: 1.18+

Deceiving Looks

Don’t be fooled by its stony exterior – there’s more than meets the eye to this island spawn.

At first glance the single tree suggests a lack of useful items, but this is quickly disproven by the surface-level emeralds on top!

With large caves and the mainland close by, this seed won’t leave you with an empty inventory. There’s even a shipwreck just off the coast within easy reach for looting.

22. Incredible Lush Cave

code: -8855702801489964397
version: 1.18+

Lush Cave

When I saw this lush cave, I knew I had to share the seed. Home to glow squid, tropical fish and many beautiful plants, these biomes are always an impressive sight, but this one is on another level.

Multiple layers, cave systems and unique passive mobs ensure you won’t be done exploring it for some time.

I recommend brewing a potion of night viewing to fully appreciate the interior, as its size makes it hard to fully light up with torches, despite the help of the glow berries.

Within just a few hundred blocks from spawn (you can find the entrance located at X=-689, Y=69, Z=-286) you have to see this amazing lush cave for yourself and properly look around.

You may even spot a ruined nether portal on the way!

23. Fortified Valley

code: 1248939201
version: 1.18+

Fortified Valley

Within this ring of icy peaks lies a thawed valley, fortified by its surroundings.

This seed could be a great location for a castle build with towers and outposts along the soaring mountains, or just a cool base if you’d prefer.

It’s a great example of the awesome terrain generation from the recent updates! With forests and caves lining the grassy slopes, you won’t be short of essentials either.

You can find several ocean monuments in the surrounding waters too.

24. Fortified Lake

code: 8624896
version: 1.18+

Fortified Lake

Another circular formation of snowy mountains can be found at this seed, except this time they frame a lake as well as a grassy valley.

Once again, the terrain lends itself well for an epic castle or fortress build. You could even create a secret lair under the waters of the lake, or make use of the natural cave formations for hidden tunnels.

There are lots of villages within walking distance, including plains and savanna forms.

The End of the list!

That’s it for the best Minecraft seeds – from unique villages and structures to remarkable land formations, the latest updates to world generation ensure that the game is packed with even more fun.

If you found this article helpful, be sure to check out more from our site!

How to use a seed?

If you would like to use a seed you found online, adding it to your world is really easy. Just follow this quick steps:

  • First and most important, verify that the version of the seed you want to add is compatible with your version of Minecraft. Otherwise it obviously won’t work.
  • When you are creating a new world just add the code provided.
  • That’s it. Enjoy! We said it was easy.
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