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Minecraft circle chart

If you are having problems making circles when building something you can use the image below to help you.

You can find a lot of helpful videos in Youtube but if you have some experience building this circle chart may be all you need to start your building.

As you know the game is “squared based” so making a perfect circle it’s pretty much impossible but playing Minecratf is about figuring out how to build with what you have so the circle blueprint is maybe the easiest way to do it.

Full size image:

What is a perfect circle?

According to math a circle is a collection of points which are the same distance to the center of the shape (equidistant). The perfect circle mathematically speaking does exist but it is not really the case in the physical world, it may look like it to our eyes but it is not if measure to perfection. 

How to make a circle in Minecraft?

So following what we have mentioned before about Minecraft being full of squares and how a circle requires that all the points are at the same distance then the only thing you need to do when building a circle in Minecraft is making sure all your blocks are placed to the exact same distance from the center. This will create the illusion of a circle and as you can also see in the image above, the more blocks and bigger the circle is, the better the circle will look.

Why do you need circles in Minecraft?

In real life and Minecraft building there are many things that might need a circle shape on it. For example if you are building a church in Minecraft then you can add a dome on it. If you are building a castle, you can add towers in the corners in its corners with a circular shape. There are many other things you can build with this, circle tables, mirrors, door frame, the top of a fireplace, etc. Options are endless.

Final Words

We know you can find this image in a lot of other sites and forums and that this one is really old but it does not mean it is not useful, it will work as good as any other Minecraft circle chart you can find online.

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