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Plotworld Spawn | Minecraft Cinematic

I hope you liked the Cinematic. This time I have a plot world for you, with a spawn building. In the building are 4 rooms for players heads, banners, ect. Ps: Enjoy and remember to comment, rate and Subscibe! DE: Hi, Ich hoffe, dir hat das Cinematic gefallen. Dieses mal habe ich eine Plotwelt für euch, mit einem Spawn. Im …

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Patriotville & Freedom County City

Introduction Patriotville is a 3 year project (as of 10/06/2017) that is a mish-mash of various American cities and landscapes with generous amounts of satirical humor throughout. The city is referred to as “Patriotville” while the countryside is referred to as “Freedom County”. It used to be hosted on a now-defunct server but we were provided the world save and …

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Beach-side B&B Resort & Mansion

MC: 1.10.2 RP: UTB (Use The Blocks) Official 1.10 Shaders: Sildur’s Vibrant This beach-side mansion is luxury home and B&B resort. It is set in a lush tropical environment with an ocean to the West and a calm bay to the East. There is a gated drive with a security post to limit access. It contains 14 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, …

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Small Island Oasis

I have returned after a long break to present the first of many new landscapes. (I have updated my name from Kesteve to ByTheBook7 to match other accounts.) This build is a small island out in the middle of an ocean somewhere. There are many beaches lining the coast and many trees have been added as well. There are a …

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Luohe County Phase II | Chinese Realistic County

This is a Chinese modern style, realistic county works – Luohe County (螺河县) This is not too much exaggeration of the skyscrapers, No such as the bustling Chinese cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou or Shenzhen…… It just a realistic county, and the builder love this works. this is a map full of vitality. There are so many details in …

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