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How to Build a Disco Floor in Minecraft

If you are wanting to know how to build a disco floor in Minecraft to add flair to your map, you have come to the right place! You will need to connect hoppers and a redstone comparator to rows of observers and redstone lamps in order to make it happen.

What You Will Need

Before you jump into the steps, you will need a few things in your inventory. The basic disco floor will need 4 hoppers, 1 redstone comparator, and as many observers and redstone lamps as you want.

Since the latter 2 items will determine how large your floor is, it’s up to you how many you will need. To make 1 redstone lamp, you will need 1 glowstone and 4 redstone dust. For any observer, it will take 6 cobblestone, 2 redstone dust, and 1 nether quartz.

Obviously, it’s easiest to make a disco floor in Creative Mode but you can make one in your Survival game with enough time and effort. You might need even more redstone dust if you intend to expand your disco floor around corners.

Steps to Create Your Disco Floor

1. To start making your disco floor, place a square loop of 4 hoppers that will flow into each other. If you are unsure how they work, dig underneath and you will be able to see the connections.

2. Put down a redstone comparator next to any of the hoppers, but make sure that the arrow faces outward. This is the first step to powering your disco floor.

3. Next, place observers in a straight line with the arrows facing away from your comparator. This line will determine the length of your disco, so make it as long or short as you want. The easiest way to make the arrows face out is to look at the comparator and walk backwards while placing your observers.

4. With your line of observers placed, put down more observers in columns facing away from the line. These will be the width of your floor. By this point, you should have a line of observers from the comparator and columns of observers branching left or right.

5. Once you’ve put down the foundation, place a layer of more observers on top of the floor. These will automatically point upward, so you don’t have to worry about directions this time.

6. Now you can put a layer of redstone lamps on top so that the middle layer of observers powers your lamps.

7. With that done, all you have to do is go back to your hoppers and throw any item into them. The dropped item will power your disco floor and it should put on a light show!


If for some reason your disco floor doesn’t light up, the most common reason to check is that all of the arrows are going in the right direction. Remember that everything essentially has to point away from the hoppers.

Make sure that the redstone comparator is facing out and all of the observers on the bottom flow out from there. If you put down redstone dust, all of the observers have to turn with it and face away from the dust.

You will know if your observers are powered because the redstone will brighten and there should be a red dot on the exterior of the observers. If you’ve placed everything correctly, enjoy your new disco floor!

Wait, There’s More!

If you want to get more creative, your disco floor can be almost any shape once you know how to make it turn corners or wrap around. It’s actually pretty easy and you probably already have what you need because redstone dust was used to make the observers and redstone lamps.

Once your disco floor is laid down, maybe you want to change direction or connect it to another disco. All you have to do is place redstone dust at the end of whatever you want to be the corner.

This will allow the flow of power to go another way, but you don’t need more hoppers or anything. Just put down observers again with their arrows facing away from the redstone dust and add another observer layer followed by a redstone lamp layer. 

When you’re done, the new floor should continue the waves of light coming from the original floor so it’s only limited to your inventory and imagination. Hypothetically, you could create a disco snake across your entire map!

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this disco floor for Minecraft and added to some cool places like in a room in a medieval castle or as part of your fancy apartment building. Regardless where you add it we are sure it will look great.

Credits: We also want to give credit to Rileybbyrne, we followed his tutorial for this article since we thought it was the best looking one out there. He is a Canadian builder with many great videos on his YouTube channel, make sure to follow him.

Have fun! We think this addition to your builds will make them pretty unique and memorable if you share it with someone. 

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