Living Room


Build Size: 593 x 525 x 256 Main Reference images ** The schematic for this project also contains the kitchen project that is attached to the living room due to this going to be a complete house in the future. ** The World file contains the living room, and all other previous room posts. This room took longer to build …

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Small New Apartment Complex | Santa Fornia


This is brand new and still developing small residential site in our new city, Santa Fornia. This small area includes many different houses, each mostly different but with minor changes. Some of the house plots are still in development or still being cleared. The main avenue connecting the residential are and the commercial will eventually be intersecting the highway to …

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Modern Apartment Building


My first finished building for an upcoming modern city I am planning to build. The building is 6-stories high,fully furnished on the inside and contains 10 apartments and 3 shops. Each apartment has a living room,kitchen,bathroom and a bedroom. Texture pack used: Flows HD 64X Additional Credits: Built by: CraftAndCombat Screenshots

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Modern Concept Home


Hello! I’m back again with another small project. It’s a concept house that i built in 1.3 hours located on IAS (/warp mellow) This build consists: 1 Living room 1 Kitchen 1 Toilet 1 Bedroom  Pool I hope you enjoy the world download as well. disclaimer: you are free to use my builds only if you give me credit for …

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Cozy little Medieval House | Timelapse + Download

Boitameu Minecraft Timelapse Cozy little Medieval House Timelapse Download amazing default texture pack

Welcome back to an other time lapse, this time here without resource pack in 1.8. It was a personal challenge because usually I work with the Conquest really immersive pack and I would like tried to make the most ambient in default. What do you think ? Created in 2h53, with interior (it’s rarely), available in SURVIVAL MAP ! Inspiration …

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Luxury Beach House

Luxury Beach House Amazing Minecraft Building ideas palm trees yard multi story

This house is one of my favorite builds because of the effort put into it. This house is a 16,000 sq ft beachfront mansion and contains 4 bathrooms and 7.5 bathrooms. There are a few unique features this house contains, such as the exterior (it is sitting on a rocky beach). The interior has a lot to offer, including a …

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Chicken Cove

Chicken Cove luxurious house addons updated beautiful download minecraft building ideas 9

This house is basically the luxurious cove house with tons and tons of updates. This really is a new house!  You will see MANY chickens! I have recently noticed that many people still download my original luxurious cove house, which has very outdated ways of furnishing. I decided to work on a massive update to show what has been changed …

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The White Pumpkin’s Mansion

The white pumpkin's mansion recreated in vanilla minecraft download save amazing game

Welcome adventurers… We were contacted by YouTuber Stacyplays to create a challenge based on the recent Minecraft Story Mode Episode, and we decided to recreate the White Pumpkin’s Mansion. We’ve built it solely off of in-game screenshots, so there may be slight discrepancies from the original version. The map features working traps, mansion exterior & interior, custom resource pack which …

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Sakura Island | Cherry Tree

April cherry tree Sakura Island japanese style beautiful download save minecraft building 2

Here is a beautiful Japanese style inspired build, including a water wheel. Everything is very clean and well structured resulting in flawless look! Built by: Q_hongxing_ Video: Screenshots:

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The Beautiful Palace of Relief

The Beautiful Palace of Relief

This is Chateau Soulagement / Palace of Relief. The size of this palace is about 500 by 600 blocks of which most includes the chateau itself and the other 50 % of gardens. The chateau is designed in a very French Baroque kind of style, with the large windows, very extensive structures, the courtyard, fountains and very geometrical lawn. Built …

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