Beach-side B&B Resort & Mansion

MC: 1.10.2
RP: UTB (Use The Blocks) Official 1.10
Shaders: Sildur’s Vibrant

This beach-side mansion is luxury home and B&B resort. It is set in a lush tropical environment with an ocean to the West and a calm bay to the East. There is a gated drive with a security post to limit access. It contains 14 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and 4 half baths. It has a master suite with walk-in closets, whirlpool tub, private rooftop lounge and even a secret panic room. It has a formal dining room and a breakfast nook. 2 kitchens and a kitchen prep room. It has a great hall for dining or balls with a grand piano. There is an indoor pool, gym and sauna with shower facilities. There are also multiple sitting rooms, a library, an office and also a basement game/movie room attached to a sunken garden, and even a LAN gaming room. The house has 2 live-in servants quarters and an attached 6-bay garage and a 2 bay boathouse with a rooftop patio area.

Outside there is a luxury beach-side gazebo and beach access with shower and bathroom facilities.
There is an outdoor pool with 2 hot tubs and a swim-up bar attached to a bar and lounge and guesthouse. Nearby is a tennis court, sand volleyball, indoor basketball court and driving range. A grounds keeper’s house stands near the bridge over the inlet connecting the ocean to the bay. North of the mansion there is a 6-hole golf course (more to come soon).

Range Rover (inspiration by Keralis)
Sports car (inspiration by Keralis)
2 luxury sedans
Pickup truck
Security SUV
2 golf carts
Large yacht (inspiration by Keralis)
Small yacht (inspiration by Keralis)
Yacht dingy
Speedboat (inspiration by Keralis)
Fishing boat
4 jetskis

Additional Credits: Built by: COLFETTERS


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