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Server.pro Minecraft Server Hosting Review

Even though there are plenty of hosting companies out there, getting one that provides hosting service for games can be quite challenging. 

Not only because there aren’t many game servers hosting services around, most of them turn out to be either too expensive or dubious. 

After doing some research, we discovered a hosting company that looks promising for your time and money. Server. pro, one of the many hosting companies that are known for offering hosting services to host Minecraft games. 

In this article, we will be talking about Server.pro and services they offer to the gaming community. Without further ado, let’s continue. 

What Is Server.pro

Server.pro is a game hosting company from Sweden that has been around for over 4 years now. They offer quality and premium game hosting services that promise you a great gaming experience. 

Services provided by Server.pro include website hosting, game servers, and VPS hosting; and all these services are offered at a fair rate that come with plenty of features.

server pro review

source: server.pro

For example, their servers come with unlimited slots, DDOS protection, a free website, and many more  features that can ensure a smooth gaming adventure. 

In addition, they also have top-notch customer support that is always available assisting you in any issue you encounter.

The main thing that makes Server.pro different from the rest is they provide affordable and feature-rich Minecraft servers that won’t break your wallet. Besides, the company also supports both the standard and Bedrock editions of Minecraft.

With all these, you can experience a great game in any Minecraft edition and enjoy plenty of features without getting yourself broke. 


Server.pro offers 3 different Minecraft server plans and all of them are within an affordable price range.  

Their cheapest Premium plan, which is called “Basic”, starts at $5/month. This is a great deal considering the features that you get from subscribing to it.

If you increase your game optimization, you can opt for “Medium” which costs $10/month. Otherwise, you can directly opt for their Pro plan, “High” and “Ultra” with $ 20/month and $40/month to get the highest optimization for your game play. 

In our opinion, the prices are reasonable for the features and quality you will get from Server.pro.

Does Server.pro have a Free plan?

Yes, Server.pro does offer a free Minecraft server hosting. In this Free plan, you will get 1GB memory, 5GB NVMe SSD disk space, 2.4 GHz/2.9GHz processor, but with the disadvantage of getting ads while gaming. Besides, there is also a limitation of players and plugins for the free plan. 

Overall, the ads can still be bearable as they are not so intrusive. However, the whole gaming experience can be turned a little unpleasant due to the player limit and plugin limit. 

Server.pro used to have a “queue” system for players to get the free server plan, which is annoying as you need to wait to get one. We’re unsure if this is still the  case, but it is worth being aware of it if you’re planning to subscribe for the free plan. 


Server.pro gives out a lot of features for their Minecraft server plans. Some of the most notable one are: 

  • Unlimited Players: You can have as many players on your server as you want without having to worry about hitting a limit (except for the free plan).
  • DDoS Protection: Server.pro protects your server from DDoS attacks so you can focus on gaming and not worry about your server going down.
  • Processor power and memory: The free plan starts with 1GB with 2 vCores up to 12GM with 4vCores in their highest plan.
  • Disk Quota: From 5GB (free) to 80GB. The 5GB usually is more than enough for regular players.
  • Modpack Support: Except for the Free plan, you can choose from a list of auto installable modpacks available.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: If you ever have any issues with your server, Server.pro’s customer support team is always available to help you out.

serverpro features

source: server.pro

Server.pro covers everything you need on a server to host a smooth Minecraft game at an affordable price. Oftentimes, other server hosting services that offer similar features are charging at a higher price. Anyway, at the end of the day, it all comes down to what you need and how much your budget is.  


Based on what is written on Server.pro website, they do have great specs that can provide quality server performance. Still, how well the performance is all depends on how they utilize those resources and what technology they use.

For example, if you are just starting a game and want to play with a few friends, then the Free plan is sufficient enough. So far, we didn’t find many issues for the Free plan’s server, other than some lagging and getting ads while playing.

server Performance

However, if you are planning on hosting games with hundreds or even thousands of players, it is advisable to consider a different server hosting service just to be safe. 

This is mainly because Server.pro does not offer an uptime, something expected to get for their paid plans. On the other hand, uptime is guaranteed in other services like Shockbyte. For this reason, you need to think thoroughly before hosting a bigger game scale on Server.pro.   

Some users also reported to experience lag on the paid versions as well. It’s quite difficult for us to verify this as we don’t know their setup and how many users were on it when the incident occurred.  

Customer Support

Server.pro has a very responsive customer support team that is available 24/7 through their ticketing system, or so they advertise. 

They also shared an extensive knowledge base on their website which covers a lot of topics. Thus, you might be able to find the answer to your question without having to contact support.

One downside – important from our POV – is that their support is only accessible through email (ticketing system). There is no other contact method listed, neither chat or phone number to reach them. Therefore, you can only sit down and wait in case you have an emergency with your server.    

Despite having only one support channel, based on our experience, the customer support team is very responsive and helpful. They will respond to your query within a few hours, which is good considering they are a smaller company.


Even though Server.pro offers great features at a great pricing, they do have some cons that should be taken note of. 

The major con is they didn’t offer an uptime guarantee for their paid plans. Also, you might experience some lag depending while playing.

Also, their customer support can only be reached by email, thus emergencies are not their forte.

In addition, their server performance seems to be a hit or miss. Yet there is no recommendation from them on what plan is the best to avoid such problems.

Other Server Hosting Options Instead of Server.pro

If you have doubts about Server.pro, there are still few server hosting providers for Minecraft for your consideration.  

Our preferred server hosting company is Shockbyte, who has a good reputation among the Minecraft community. Not only are they affordable, but they also offer good performance and great customer service.   

Shockbyte offers 100% uptime guarantee and has 24/7 chat and phone support. Moreover, their cheapest plan comes at $2.50/month which is extremely cheap.

Final Thoughts

serverpro review

Server.pro is a good option if you’re looking for an affordable Minecraft server with plenty of features. 

To begin with, they have everything you need for a good server. Their customer support is responsive and friendly, assuming it is not an emergency since they can only be reached through email .  

Their downside is there is no uptime guarantee offered on their paid plan. Besides, you will also still experience lag, depending on your game capacity. 

Thus, if you’re looking for a more reliable host that comes with better performance and customer support, perhaps it is best to consider other options like Shockbyte. 

However, if you’re just looking for a server to play mostly with your friends; and don’t mind some lagging, then you can proceed on using Server.pro..

We hope this review has helped you to make a decision if Server.pro is the right Minecraft server host for you. All in all, happy gaming!


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