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Best 3 Minecraft Server Hosting For 2021

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably a big Minecraft fan. You’ve played the game to death in every way imaginable. You’ve gone through survival mode, you’ve experimented in creative, toyed around with some mods and likely even built your very own world. Minecraft is truly the type of game that wants you to live it to its fullest potential.

Now, you’re thinking you want to bring it all full circle by setting up your own server. Whether it’s for having your own private space to hang out with your friends or to kick back Fortress of Solitude style, starting your own server is a fun and exciting experience. This means you’re likely looking for the best Minecraft server hosting service to set it your perfect world in.

In this post, we’re going to give you the full rundown on what to look for in a good Minecraft server host. We’ll also give you our top picks for best server hosts in 2020.

Why Get A Minecraft Server Host?

Servers offer their own kind of freedom on the internet. It’s the space where you call the shots and decide how it all works. It’s possible to set up a machine to act as your server but that comes with its own headaches. Maintenance is something you’ll have to do regularly. On top of that, your internet connection will have to be top-shelf if you want others to join you. But the biggest deal is getting a dedicated machine to run your server on which can be quite expensive.

Using a Minecraft server hosting service is the best option for most because of how much you save in the long run. You pay a flat monthly fee to have your very own blocky paradise while your host handles the rest.

So, how do you choose which is the best Minecraft server hosting service?

What To Look For In A Minecraft Server Hosting Service?

There are plenty of Minecraft server hosts out there to choose from. Deciding on which one to use boils down to a few key factors, a few of which are essential. The rest of these factors are down to your own personal preferences and goals for your Minecraft home away from home.

a. Ease of Use

Minecraft server hosting Ease of Use

If you’re paying money to save yourself some time and heartache, then your Minecraft host needs to make your life easy. The best Minecraft server hosts typically have intuitive control panels and one-click install options for various things like plugins and mods.

b. Maximum Players

Maximum Players Minecraft Server Host

Let’s face it. The reason you want a server is so you can throw some awesome Minecraft-style parties. For that, you’ll need to be able to fit your entire guest list. Perhaps, though, you’d like to just have your closest friends with you, instead. Good server hosts for Minecraft typically offer plans that include a maximum number of players you can have at the same time. The pricier the plan, the more peeps can hang out.

c. Security

Having a server online is all fun and games until someone decides they don’t like you and attempt a DDoS to ruin your fun time. For this reason, you need some good security to keep those wannabe hackers from enjoying themselves at your expense. The best Minecraft server hosting companies offer standard security features such as encryption and DDoS protection.

Now that we know what we’re looking for in a server host, it’s time to check out our top picks.

Best 3 Minecraft Server Hosting For 2020 To Build Your Perfect Worlds

1. Hostinger

Hostinger Minecraft Server Hosting

The cream of the crop of best Minecraft server hosting services, Hostinger are everything you need in a host and more. They’re one of the few companies that specialize in Minecraft hosting. As such, they use VPS servers and offer 2 GB of RAM which is the recommended amount for block-based creativity and adventuring. Their Multicraft panel offers everything you need to set up addons, plugins and mods to make your perfect Minecraft world.


  • One-click setup
  • DDoS Protection
  • Multicraft panel
  • Cheapest plan allows up to 70 players
  • Backups
  • Mobile App

Prices of Hostinger most popular plans

Alex Plan2 Gb / 2 VCPU$8.95/ mo
Creeper Plan4 Gb / 4 VCPU$15.95 / mo
Enderman Plan8 Gb / 8 VCPU$29.95 / mo
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2. Shockbyte

Shockbyte Minecraft Server Hosting

While Shockbyte don’t specialize in Minecraft only, their service covers other survival world games like Ark: Survival Evolved and Rust. Their main hook is that they offer unlimited SSD storage which means your Minecraft world will load super fast. Like Hostinger, they also make use of the Multicraft panel. The only minor downside is the offer 1 GB of RAM which is the minimum requirement for Minecraft


  • One-click setup
  • DDoS Protection
  • Multicraft panel
  • Cheapest plan goes up to 20 players
  • Unlimited SSD

Prices of Shockbyte most popular plans

DIRT Plan1 Gb / 20+ Slots$2.50 / mo
EMERALD Plan8 Gb / 160 + Slots$20.00 / mo
TITAN Plan16 Gb / Unlimited Slots$40.00 / mo
* using our links we may get us a referral fee

3. Apex Hosting

Apex Minecraft Server Hosting

Apex Hosting is a feature-rich Minecraft server host that’s a great pick for starting out. Their plans include over 200 pre-installed mods ready to be used once your server is up. They offer both Java and Bedrock servers so you’ve got the best of both worlds. Their premium hardware guarantees fast loading times, even though their RAM offering is the minimum 1 GB. Like the other hosts in this list, they also include Multicraft 2.0 in their plans.


  • Instant setup
  • DDoS Protection
  • Custom control panel
  • Over 200 1-click-install mods and addons
  • Cheapest plan goes up to 12 players

Prices of Apex Hosting most popular plans

Basic Server1 Gb ram$5.99 / mo
Basic Servers & most modpacks4 Gb ram$14.99 / mo
Basic servers & all modpacks16 Gb ram$59.99 / mo
* using our links we may get us a referral fee

Final Word

If you’re still hard-pressed for choice on which is the best Minecraft server hosting provider for you, there’s one more thing you’ll want to look into. As you shop around for a good host for your own virtual world, be sure to email the ones that catch you eye to ask questions. One of the big things you’ll want to know is how responsive their customer support is. All of the hosts on this list as well as other respectable ones offer 24/7 support. If your world is down, you’ll want to quickly know what’s going on. By asking questions beforehand, you can find out how good their customer communications are and whether or not you can count on them to get back to you quickly.

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