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Top 5 Minecraft Building Tips To Tap Into Your Inner Architect

One of the biggest draws for playing Minecraft is the ability to build your very own dream home away from home. Planting your flag in one of Minecraft’s little slices of server real estate is a fun and rewarding experience. Even if you’re mostly enjoying survival, you definitely must have considered putting together your own little humble abode. If you’re not sure where to start, however, things can feel overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together the best building tips to help you kickstart your Minecraft architect career.

1. Cubes Are So Yesterday

Building Tips Boring Cubes

While little square huts are great for fending off the nasties in survival mode, you’ll want to go for a bit more pizzazz if you want to make a proper living space. Be sure to add alcoves, hallways and wings to your build. A great way to start using this building tip is by making two cubes adjacent to each other and then connecting them with a narrow hallway.

2. Flat Walls Are Sad Walls

Building Tips block types

In real life, walls tend to be a bit of a boring affair. It doesn’t have to be that way with your dream Minecraft home, though. By adding pillars to your walls you can give the rooms of your home more personality. Plus it will feel more Game of Thrones like. We also have a cool post about different walls to hopefully make you build a non-boring one.

3. Blueprints, Blueprints Everywhere

Building Tips Blueprints

This probably should be the number 1 building tip as it’s quite a prevalent practice among Minecrafter builders. Before starting any heavy construction, start laying out your design on the ground first. You can do this by digging holes and adding a slab of the block type you will use for each part of your build. This way, you can edit the way your layout turns out before erecting and walls.

4. No Party Like A Theme Party

Building Tips House

It’s nice to start with something blad but ultimately you want to have some kind of theme that influence’s your build’s appearance. Minecraft has a wide array of tools that will allow you to make your home look pretty much any way you want. You can go for a medieval castle, a white picket fence suburban home and everything else in between.

5. Always Be Experimenting

Building Tips Flat Walls

As we mentioned in the above Minecraft building tip, the game has a ton of options when it comes to building. This also goes for the types of blocks you can use. Add a detail here and a block there and see what happens. Especially now that the Nether is far richer in block types, you’ll have plenty of ways to tweak and tune your home’s appearance.

Final Word

Building Tips Inspiration

As a bonus building tip, it never hurts to seek out some inspiration. The Minecraft community is beyond huge. There are tons of YouTube channels, blogs, forums, subreddits and other places where you can find ideas for builds. Some even turn their worlds into downloadables so you can get a closer look. We even have one right here for you to check out.

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