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Best Minecraft Building Tips And Tricks

One of the biggest draws for playing Minecraft is the ability to build your very own dream home away from home. Planting your flag in one of Minecraft’s little slices of server real estate is a fun and rewarding experience.

Even if you’re mostly enjoying survival, you definitely must have considered putting together your own little humble abode. If you’re not sure where to start, however, things can feel overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve put together the best Minecraft building tips to help you kickstart your Minecraft architect career.

1. Cubes Are So Yesterday

Building Tips Boring Cubes

While little square huts are great for fending off the nasties in survival mode, you’ll want to go for a bit more pizzazz if you want to make a proper living space. Be sure to add alcoves, hallways and wings to your build. A great way to start using this building tip is by making two cubes adjacent to each other and then connecting them with a narrow hallway.

2. Flat Walls Are Sad Walls

Building Tips block types

In real life, walls tend to be a bit of a boring affair. It doesn’t have to be that way with your dream Minecraft home, though. By adding pillars to your walls you can give the rooms of your home more personality. Plus it will feel more Game of Thrones like. We also have a cool post about different walls to hopefully make you build a non-boring one.

3. Blueprints, Blueprints Everywhere

Building Tips Blueprints

This probably should be the number 1 building tip as it’s quite a prevalent practice among Minecrafter builders. Before starting any heavy construction, start laying out your design on the ground first. You can do this by digging holes and adding a slab of the block type you will use for each part of your build. This way, you can edit the way your layout turns out before erecting and walls.

4. No Party Like A Theme Party

Building Tips House

It’s nice to start with something blad but ultimately you want to have some kind of theme that influence’s your build’s appearance. Minecraft has a wide array of tools that will allow you to make your home look pretty much any way you want. You can go for a medieval castle, a white picket fence suburban home and everything else in between.

5. Always Be Experimenting

Building Tips Flat Walls

As we mentioned in the above Minecraft building tip, the game has a ton of options when it comes to building. This also goes for the types of blocks you can use. Add a detail here and a block there and see what happens. Especially now that the Nether is far richer in block types, you’ll have plenty of ways to tweak and tune your home’s appearance.

6. Add Realism To Simple Structures

Basic Guide to add realism to your simple structures

If you are kind of new into Minecraft you probably have encountered this problem, you can put blocks on top of each other (we are sure almost anyone can) but that is not enough to make a pretty build, right? We found this really quick and short but super helpful guide on how to make any basic structure into a great build.

The post is a few years old and we lost track of the original author (wherever you are, we thank you!) but the ideas are pretty simple that even with the past of the time and any updates the game has, these tips would help your builds look better.

7. Follow How-To Build Guides

How to build a castle

There are a lot of guides to learn how-to build pretty much anything on Minecraft. In this blog we constantly share plenty you can click anywhere in our blog and find one. This Minecraft building tip is the most obvious one but we didn’t want to miss it. 

You can find how to’s tutorials for almost any type of build. One of the most popular ones in our blog is the one about how to build a castle.This guide is one (if not the most) popular building guide we have shared. We actually had a version of the guide that was really liked but we realized the specific Castle that was being built in the tutorial wasn’t as pretty looking as we would have wanted and was also a little too complicated so a few months ago we decided to update the guide to a better version.

The Castle you would build in this tutorial is simple and easy, but most of the visitors looking at this tutorial were new to Minecraft so if you are building your first castle this guide would be great for you. It might not look like much, but it’s the “setting stone” for an amazing medieval town or whatever you are building that needs castles. Once you are a little more experienced you can keep adding things to the castle.

8. Negative Space For Making Your City Look Better

Negative space for making your city look better

For the more medium level builders, previous tricks might be good but you might already knew some of those tips. You also may not need guides into how to build structures, you probably need more guidance on how to build whole cities. So kinda going from Minecraft Architec to Minecraft City Planer.

Okay we probably are selling this guide a little too much, what it really is, is a guide on how to create negative space so your city looks better. It’s something I personally was guilty of, I was building structures that didn’t look good next to each other and these quick tips from Sarlac (the author) helped me a lot so we decided to share it in our blog.

9. Make A Trail Guide

How To Make A Trail Guide

This guide it’s also a little simple but we consider it for medium level because you are already building villages or cities, so the next step would be how to connect them. This guide is easy to follow and the result is a really nice looking trail.

Again, this might be a little basic for you but you don’t have to follow the steps block by block, you can replace some or upgrade some of the elements that were chosen for the guide but we know it’s something that can be helpful for a lot of people out there.

10. Use Minecoins

Minecoins Guide

Do you know anything about minecoins? If you have used them before then you probably know everything we shared on this guide but if you have never used them, then it might be helpful for you. We answered the most common questions about Minecoins, like what they are, how to use them, where to get them, etc.

11. Gett Your Own Minecraft Server

Getting Your Own Minecraft Server Guide

If you are thinking on starting your own Minecraft server then you must look around for the best server hosting provider. We made this guide on what to look for when searching for providers and we also gave recommendations on which we think are the best 3 ones at the moment.

There are a lot of tutorials out there on how to create your server but step one is getting the right provider, so this guide will be really helpful for you if you are in that process.

12. Try Minecraft In Other Platforms

Minecraft VR How is it?

One of the coolest things about Minecraft is that you can find it on most of the gaming platforms like switch, ps4, phone, etc. So playing it in one of them will allow you to do different things and probable give you more ideas on how to use your resources.

Minecraft recently released a VR version of the game, which we had the chance to try it out and it was impressive! If you are interested on knowing about this VR update for Minecraft then our review would be helpful for you. Even though it’s not a guide this review will be good for you if you want to try the VR version, you would know what to expect from it.

13. Look For Inspiration

Building Tips Inspiration

As a bonus building tip, it never hurts to seek out some inspiration. The Minecraft community is beyond huge. There are tons of YouTube channels, blogs, forums, subreddits and other places where you can find ideas for builds. Some even turn their worlds into downloadables so you can get a closer look. We even have one right here for you to check out.

Final Word

Are you new to Minecraft or just looking around for new ideas on what and how to make new builds? There are tons of tutorials, building tips lists and guides all over the internet, some are really good and other ones not so much.

In our blog we have published many building tips, either from other authors or our own and we are also guilty on sharing some not actually good, we still think any bad guide is useful. BUT we have also shared some great building tutorials, usually not for high level builders since they probably only look for ideas and go on building themselves, we have shared some quick building tutorials for new and medium level experienced builders.

Keep in mind that some of this guides were made a few years ago and since then Minecraft has had a few updates so maybe not everything is applicable but we are sure you will be able to figure out how to replace and adapt some steps to whatever current version you are playing on.

Those are the best Minecraft building tips we can recommend right now but we are always on the look for any interesting builds and guides for all of you, so make sure to check out our blog for updates.

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