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How to be a Better Builder – 4-Step Guide

Everyone can build a basic structure in Minecraft. The tricky part is to take a simple blocky build and give it a sense of realism you wouldn’t expect in such a simplistic block-based game. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add depth to any of your creations.



Step 1 – Make your general structure

Starting any build you should have at least a general idea of the kind of blocks you want to build with, as well as the basic shape of your structure. Of course, these can change as the build progresses.



Step 2 – Change up the block palette

Before adding detail to the build, add some more variety to the block palette. As you can see in the example, cobblestone was added to make the basic structure more than just simple red stained clay. Also, the basic glass blocks were swapped with light grey stained glass panes, which add slightly more depth as well as detail. (The use of glass planes vs. glass blocks is just up to your own personal taste, as well as the type of build. Sometimes even fence/iron walls are best used instead of glass)

The height of the windows was doubled, to remove more plain red stained clay and to use a more even balance of blocks.



Step 3 – Add Layers

On top of the clay, stairs were added. Stairs and slabs are perfect to use for adding depth and detail, because of their unique half block size. Stairs give more depth compared to blocks due to their shape, and slabs help your build seem less blocky as well. Adding layers to a build, rather than just having a flat building is a big step in giving the building depth and making it look more detailed.



Step 4 – Add finishing touches

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different block patterns. Who knows – maybe you’ll find something unique that no one has tried before! In the example, I messed around with trapdoors and buttons to get further away from a basic blocky feel. I then swapped out some of the cobblestone stairs with stone brick stairs to mix up the block palette a bit more. Afterwards, I swapped out the classic wooden oak door with a dark oak door, because I felt it matched the stained clay well. Then I just added finishing touches like the grass and flowers. (If using bonemeal, replace the cliche flowers with some other ones, and add different variations of grass such as ferns. If you’re going for an older abandoned feel, don’t be afraid to try out webs and dead bushes).

Resource Pack: Paper Cutout

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