How to promote your server, Youtube channel or mods?

If you have spent a lot of time or resources on creating your server, youtube, mods, etc or anything that can provide any benefits to other Minecraft players is probably good to get some side income on it. Or if you are already thinking of making Minecraft or gaming your main source of income, getting more visitors has to be the first thing you should focus on.

There are multiple ways to promote your content. One good way to do it is to look for other sources where gamers get their information, some free places are reddit, quora or any other gaming forum. There are also paid versions like running ads on facebook and youtube, you can also create your own blog and get some SEO help so you can outrank the popular sites (sorry for that in advance, our blog is really liked but Google and might be difficult to fight us on some keywords lol).

If you are exploring different options to promote your Minecraft or gaming content we would like to offer you a few options to promote it on our blog. For a fee we can work out different types of deals, luckily we have thousands of visitors a month which are always coming to us for Minecraft builds and some other gaming news, so they are already looking for the type of information you probably can provide them too.

Reach out to us at: promotions “@” . Ask us about our different type of deals we can do. We can go from publishing a post about your content, place an ad in our site, make you a recurrent publisher, etc. It depends a lot on the type of content you provide and what you are looking for.

FYI – We care A LOT about the content we provide to our visitors so we will check out your content or test (if there is anything to test) your product before we agree to promote it.

Hope we can hear from you but if not, we wish you the best luck. We love Minecraft and we love good content, regardless where we find it :)

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