Christmas Build Pack

Who said Christmas was over? Not yet! Our winged team flew to you from a great and cooold country with a gift in their hands! (whoops, wings) It’s the new festive build pack! Feel free to download it and use it in your projects. Next year we’ll be sure to make more cool stuff! Merry Christmas and a Happy New …

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9 Fireplace Ideas

Here are some inspiring fireplace ideas for your next build. One of the designs below should fit! Weather your looking for simple or modern there are 9 different designs. Would you rather have a mantel or not? Modern or brick? Central fireplace with a small footprint or take up your hole wall to showcase how big you can build a …

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Decorative Entrances

Not a lot to really say about this one other then the materials used which are listed below. This is a great addition for any build looking to add more uniqueness and decor to their build. This works for both interior and exterior additions. Heck you can even use it as a garden entry way! I’m sure you guys will …

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How To Make A Working Chair You Can Sit On

In this tutorial BehrzillaProductions will walk you making an interactive chair in 1.9! This is a great way to spice up your next build! You can find the code for the command here: Check out the video below

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How To Build A Working Hot Tub / Jacuzzi

In this tutorial MagmaMusen will be showing us how to make a what looks like a functional hot tub! This will go along great with any mansion! This whole thing takes less then 5 minutes to build! What you will need Dirt (building block anything will work) Redstone Redstone Repeater Dispenser Flint Quartz Slab Chiseled Quartz Block Button Water

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Use Cauldrons For Detailed Ceilings

Reddit user serenthyr points out a great use for cauldrons which I’m sure many have never thought of trying. The use of cauldrons for your ceiling brings that extra necessary detail to a room. Since light can shine though them your able to put your light source above the cauldrons hiding your torches or anything else you use. The downside …

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Floor Patterns

DJRedwolf created and shared some custom floor patterns he made. All in all there are 6 different patters ranging from all sorts of different colors and materials. Colors Red Brown Purple Blue Gray and some mixed! An example of the red pattern is made with lava, red wool and red-orange glass to get the effect! Check them out:

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Huge Book Shelves | Library

Bookshelf Library Minecraft ideas Interior 2

Here is an great yet simple idea to help recreate the book shelves in for example a library by¬†VoltronIsMyMaster. This would also be a great use in the school! Like the Ironhurst Elementary or Chroma High School. What You Need Bookshelf’s Trap Doors How To Well its pretty straight forward. Make the book shelf as long and tall as you …

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Grandfather Clock | Detail

Minecraft grandfather clock interior how to.png

Found this from Reddit user NoodlesMinecraft This is the granddad of them all! Very well made! If you try it with an actual clock you’ll notice it doesn’t look near as nice! Whats Needed Wood Plank Wood Slab Trap Doors Levers Doors Item Frames How To Place 2 items in a item frame (appearance only) 1. Place frame 2. Fill …

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Bathroom and Mirror

Here is a pretty sweet design and easy to build! The idea behind this is the illusion of a working mirror. All your doing is mirroring everything you build on one side to the other. Pretty straight forward! Watch the video and you’l see as I walk behind the mirror. Items We Used: Glass Pane | Mirror Piston | Table …

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