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Build a Movie Cinema in Minecraft

Go to The Movies with The Noble Cinemas Build!

COVID-19 has put a bit of a damper on our movie-going these days. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a nice virtual stroll through a theater, even if it is a bit blocky. If that sounds like the next best thing, then FilmmakerJ has your back. Their build contains an entire cinema building, complete with screens, seats and lobby, so you can hang out alone or with your friends. Movies not included, unfortunately.

Minecraft cinema build

What’s In The Build

The build was found over at MinecraftMaps and it’s called Noble Cinemas. The design behind it comes from FilmmakerJ’s first-hand experience working in movie theaters. This means you’ll find every possible nook and cranny of a proper large-scale cinema. In fact, it’s based on the actual cinema the creator used to work for.

Let’s have a look at all of the features of this cinema build.

  • Exterior plaza complete with plants, lights, benches and fountain. 
  • Large lobby with ticket stand and refreshment bar.
  • Multiple screens with recliner seats and custom blocks designed to look like projector screens.
  • Uniquely built interactive models designed to emulate the look of the actual equipment used in the cinema, such as ice machines, computers and projection units.
  • Industrial type trash disposal units at the back for those who want to live the full experience of working in a cinema.
  • Staff only areas, such as storage spaces and offices.
  • Fully equipped projection rooms complete with all necessary equipment.
Minecraft movie screen
Minecraft cinema shop
Minecraft cinema tickets

Why Try It Out

The great thing about FilmmakerJ’s cinema build is that most of the build is based on his memory from working there. Specifically, the parts that weren’t accessible to the public had to recreated based on how he remembered every room and every corridor. He’s even put in a lot of effort into recreating the look and feel of the building’s interior. There are a lot of custom blocks and assets being used here and the build does include a resource pack for all of them in the Overhaul zip file. 

Minecraft cinema back shop

Final Word

If you’ve been feeling nostalgic about going back to the movies but the pandemic has you locked up then this Noble Cinemas build should be right up your alley. Even just to check out the sheer Minecraftsmanship that has gone into this build is enough of a reason to download it and take a stroll around its blocky hallways.

Builder Credit

This build was made by FilmmakerJ over at MinecraftMaps. He also has a YouTube channel where you can find a video tour of his build. His channel is mostly focused on movies and film making but his stuff is definitely fun so be sure to subscribe here.

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