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We are not for hire. Please don’t contact us looking for a build team. You can try looking here.

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  1. Van i be a author of this page??

  2. you guys build really great do you do work for other servers?

  3. Not sure who to contact. I am a mother of a minecraft builder – Cory. Who has wrote a specific list of things he would like minecraft to “update” for his minecraft game on xbox 360 . His list is as follows. I wish I could be more detail. If you could point me in the right direction – what to do – ..
    Cory’s lists:
    command blocks, IDs, Robots, fireworks, stained clay, books with words, minions, able to dye fireworks, able to place gun powder, and horses (I think he wants horses).

    Thank you,
    Cory’s Mom – Eileen

  4. I would like an estimate on a hub for creative, survival, miniganes, plots, and survival games, doesn’t have to be amazing only around 20 people on at a time so if I could please have an estimate and time frame that would be amazing.

  5. Please check you email!

  6. @Minecraft Building Inc i need help on a HUGE series. if you could please email me at that would be GREAT! thank you!


  7. how do i sign up to this website ?

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