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Orefield Middle School

This is a replica of Orefield Middle School, a 1,000 student middle school in Pennsylvania.


* Lobby and Main Office – There is a school bell system that is usable at the window in the Main Office. If there is more than one player, then every player inside/near the building will hear the bell sound when one player activates it with a button. It should be the same pitch as the real one but I am not sure.

* Classrooms

* Gym – There is a dividing wall that can be “rolled” up or down. The controls are in the “Storage and Controls” room.

* Cafeteria

* Library

* Auditorium – The stage curtains can be controlled with the panel near the entrance.

* Band and Chorus rooms

* Fieldhouse with Weight Room and Wrestling Room

* Outdoor athletic courts

* Some furnishings

The world download is for only for Bedrock Edition / Better Together, which is compatible with Windows 10 Edition, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Pocket Edition. Feel free to use this as a server, film tours or school roleplays, etc. If you do, please credit me (Adervae) and place a link back to this page. You do not have to ask me first, but please credit me in the description of each video.

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  1. Thank you so much for these clear instructions this has actually worked for us!! Our little man will be so happy. Only thing we had to work out were the file names in the minecraft world which were different random letters. Soon worked it out though based on looking at size of bytes and then found the world name in text file. Huge thanks again.

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