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Parkland High School

Replica of Parkland High School, a 3,200 student school in Pennsylvania.

In real life, this school has gained much attention for being shaped like the Millennium Falcon.

Feel free to use this as a server, film tours, animations, or school roleplays, etc. If you do, please credit me (Adervae) and place a link back to this page or the Planet Minecraft page. You do not have to ask me first, but please credit me in the description of each video. This build has gotten millions of views across the various videos it is featured in, and the fact that I wasn’t credited is very frustrating.

This map has been featured (although changed quite a lot) on Jaybull’s Parkside High School series. It was also used on Coco2249’s Moon Drip High School series.

The building is divided into five wings, connected by a central hallway. There are three two-floor classroom wings. The B Wing and D Wing have normal classrooms and the C Wing has science classrooms, including a biology greenhouse on the second floor. The A Wing is focused on arts and the E Wing is focused on athletics.

If you load the world and the school does not spawn, teleport to (0, 100, 0). It will take you to the main lobby.

This map is in 1.13.

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Awesome school, thanks!! 🙂


This is really cool!! 😉


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