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Parkland High School

Download the Windows 10 Edition version here. It does not have all of the features of the Java Edition version.

Replica of Parkland High School, a 3,200 student school in Pennsylvania. This school has gained much attention for being shaped like the Millennium Falcon. This is not Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Please don’t even pretend that it is.

There is a resource pack included with the world download that should automatically load when you open the world. If it does not load, then find “resources.zip”, extract it, and move the folder inside “resourcepacks”. Keep in mind that everything will be on default except for armor and music discs. The built-in resource pack will only work on the host’s server. Other players who want to use it on a server will need to have “resources.zip” and follow the same instructions above.

Feel free to use this as a server, film tours, animations, or school roleplays, etc. If you do, please credit me (Adervae) and place a link back to this page. You do not have to ask me first, but please credit me in the description of each video. This build has gotten millions of views across the various videos it is featured in, and the fact that I wasn’t initially credited is very frustrating.

The building is divided into five wings, connected by a central hallway. There are three two-floor classroom wings. The B Wing and D Wing have normal classrooms and the C Wing has science classrooms, including a biology greenhouse on the second floor. The A Wing is focused on arts and the E Wing is focused on athletics.

If you load the world and the school does not spawn, teleport to (0, 100, 0). It will take you to the Rotunda.

This map is saved in 1.13. It was carefully built to look best with the default textures. Make sure that “smooth lighting” is on at least minimal. The interior will look bad without it. The only furniture included is that which is built into the structure. This allows you to furnish it how you like or with mods.

Comment if you have any issues with it.


* Rotunda (lobby) – There is a school bell system that is usable behind the front desk. If there is more than one player, then every player inside/near the building will hear the bell sound when one player activates it with a button.

* Many classrooms

* Library

* Auditorium – There are controls for the stage curtains located in the control room on the balcony.

* Band Room – Included in the resource pack are twelve music discs with symphonic band and jazz band music performed by the Lehigh County Honors bands, the Allentown Band, and the Orefield Middle School jazz bands. I am assuming the rights to use them because their albums do not have any copyright disclaimers. All of the music was performed partly or completely by Parkland band members. There is a chest in the Band Room with all of the discs and a jukebox to play them on. Do not take the audio files out of the folder or copy them for any reason.

* Chorus Room

* Orchestra Room

* Cafeteria – Included in the resource pack are custom armor textures for the marching band uniform, marching band drum major uniform, Trojan mascot costume, football uniform, cheerleading uniform, and two articles of school spirit wear. The first five are on display outside the Cafeteria. There are chests with everything in the dressing rooms behind the Auditorium.

* Main Gym (I recommend using night vision potion while in here) – There are two dividing walls that can be “rolled” up or down. The “Storage and controls” rooms on both sides have controls for their respective dividing walls.

* Auxiliary Gym (I recommend using night vision potion while in here) – There is a dividing wall that can be “rolled” up or down. The controls are in the “Storage and controls” room near the entrance.

* Weight room

* Wrestling room

* Swimming pool (I recommend using night vision potion while in here)

* Tons of parking spaces







Main Gym

Swimming Pool

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