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Dracshor – Devil’s judgement

This is my first two builds on Athion that I made and later merged to one, both houses have full interior, the bigger one is a court house with a real court system and everything so take a look in there. I have another one coming pretty soon, that one is going to be bigger but that’s still WIP. Also the reason …

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Small New Apartment Complex | Santa Fornia

This is brand new and still developing small residential site in our new city, Santa Fornia. This small area includes many different houses, each mostly different but with minor changes. Some of the house plots are still in development or still being cleared. The main avenue connecting the residential are and the commercial will eventually be intersecting the highway to …

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Modern Apartment Building

My first finished building for an upcoming modern city I am planning to build. The building is 6-stories high,fully furnished on the inside and contains 10 apartments and 3 shops. Each apartment has a living room,kitchen,bathroom and a bedroom. Texture pack used: Flows HD 64X Additional Credits: Built by: CraftAndCombat Screenshots

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UIE city | Modern city project

Map Trailer Welcome to U.I.E. City, a place of amazement and wonder. This has been in the planning phases for a long time And has taken a lot of time for construction. But now finally it has neared final completion, with all 5 districts almost complete. Give it a diamond on planet Minecraft if you like it! Additional Credits: TheAerofans-Airport …

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The Great War | Battlefield 1 Inspired Map

This map is the WW1 version of the Town of Saint Claire. I tried to make this map as historically accurate as possible when it comes to vehicles and other stuff. Most of the vehicles are furnished, especially the tanks! There are also flags placed in certain areas just like in Battlefield 1, so if you want to play with …

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This was built from the team “les Maçons du cube” by an original idea of Yep356 !  Took 1 year to complete and lets say its very obvious by the amazing level of detail to this map! There was no holding back on this project. Here are just a few of the things included: Terraforming Atlantis Water Cathedrals Great Walls …

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Wild West Building Bundle

Some words from the builder yllacigoLknihT Description Inspired by watching the movie Wild Wild West with Will Smith I decided to build a western style town and have all the buildings included in a building bundle. The bundle has everything that you could come across in your travels thought the crazy deserts of the Wild West. Package Includes The buildings …

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The Isles of Alteria

Some words from the builder The Atlas Team This project is a project I(Andjuice512) have worked on the past 3 months. This is also an Angel Block Society app. I did everything myself, even the terraforming, as you could see its rather shitty x) The map includes: – A village with 25 houses. – A farmland with fields. – A …

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Pollux | Mushroom World Build

From the builder: LordGuntaz This another older build from my last server, which I spent a couple months building on and off. It is a huge mushroom island with a kingdom built on it. There are many smaller houses on the ground and hanging from mushrooms, as well as a large palace. All of the mushroom stalks were built by hand …

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