The Great War | Battlefield 1 Inspired Map

This map is the WW1 version of the Town of Saint Claire.

I tried to make this map as historically accurate as possible when it comes to vehicles and other stuff.

Most of the vehicles are furnished, especially the tanks!

There are also flags placed in certain areas just like in Battlefield 1, so if you want to play with your friends, for example, a pvp versus type of game with flans mod, I guess this map would be perfect.

There are also trenches that you can explore.

Featured Vehicles
Allied Forces
Sopwith Camel FIghter Plane
Caudron R11 Bomber Plane
British Mark V Tank
French Renault FT
Observation Balloons w/ Truck

Axis Forces
Fokker D.VII Fighter Plane
Sturmpanzerwagen A7V
Observation Balloons w/ Truck
Flak Cannon Emplacements

Resource Pack Used: Flows HD

Thanks to Eremilion for his custom tree schematics!


Additional Credits: Built by: IG-FredMcWaffe


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how can i install this map?


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