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The Ruins of Lexington

Nestled deep, lies the historic ruins of Corvega town. Ravaged after the revolutionary war, the city quickly became a ghost town. Now only to be inhabited by feral ghouls. These mindless post-human zombies are due to be the last remaining forms of inhabitance. Memorable remnants such as the super duper mart and the Corvega assembly plant destine to become dormant eventually fading away leaving nothing but its crumpled remains.

Cinematic: Dennisbuilds
Graphics: Bionics
Renders: Bionics, Mothwolf
Builders: Guavacado, Mothwolf, Killerack, Galazeek, Voxagon, Creeper_World, Wastefulbean, Plutouthere, Silentrix, Goku17, VoltyC, Bionics, Franjoschnabel

Additional Credits: Built by: OctovonMC


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  1. The war that destroyed Lexington and the surrounding Commonwealth wasn’t the revolutionary war. That happened about 300 years earlier. The war of 2077 is colloquially called the Great War. Nice looking map, though, I’m looking forward to exploring it.

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