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USS Missouri | 4:1 Scale

USS Missouri – 1944 appearance This is 1 of only 2 American ships I will ever build. The other US ship that I’m building is a secret until it’s almost done 😉 Additional Credits: Built by: BaCkOuTaNdJoIn Screenshots

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The Great War | Battlefield 1 Inspired Map

This map is the WW1 version of the Town of Saint Claire. I tried to make this map as historically accurate as possible when it comes to vehicles and other stuff. Most of the vehicles are furnished, especially the tanks! There are also flags placed in certain areas just like in Battlefield 1, so if you want to play with …

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Defenseless | The Barbarians Are Coming

Project Theme Solari uses a very obvious allusion to the seven deadly sins to create its concept. Each vehicle represents one of the sins as indicated by graffiti somewhere on its hull. The reason this project is title “Defenseless” and equips Steve and Alex with only a large wall to convey the message that sin can never be completely prevented. …

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Stalingrad | Blood on the Volga

In the summer of 1942, As part of the operation known as Case Blue, Adolf Hitler ordered the German 6th army, under the command of Friedrich Paulas, and its associated Luftwaffe air units to secure a city on the Volga river, to tighten the Wehrmacht’s grip on Soviet oil supplies coming from Baku, as well as to defend the northern …

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