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Macaw’s Furniture Mod

Are you looking for various collections of furniture for your Minecraft buildings, to decorate and add aesthetic looks to your houses and rooms? Or wanting to release your inner creative beast, to be able to create freely different combinations of furniture according to your preference? Macaw’s Furniture Mod might have what you’re looking for. 

Created by SketchMacaw, a Grandmaster Birb, Macaw ‘s Furniture Mod 2.0.1 focuses on furniture creation, which offers a wide selection of furniture for players to choose. Besides, a little interesting twist is added in this mod that allows players to freely build and customize the furniture according to their liking.

What is in the Furniture Mod

Let’s not waste any more times and check out the mod together, shall we? 

What is in the Furniture Mod

As the mod name per se, Macaw’s Furniture Mod is a mod where players will have the option to select their desired furniture to decorate and beautify their already awesome highrise buildings, make pretty houses and amazing rooms.

minecraft furniture mod

Wide range of furniture types that can be found in this mod, which includes the chairs, tables, desks, kitchen counters, nightstand and storage furniture such as the wardrobes, cupboards, bookcases, chest of drawers. All these furniture come with different sizes, with several levels, or blocks, of height.

There are multiple designs and styles to be chosen, with different plate colors and textures options such as the warped and crimson variation. In total for the moment, the mod offers the possibility of making, with its own recipe a total of 45 pieces of furniture.

Minecraft 45 pieces of furniture

Aside from making the furniture with the recipes book, players are also able to make and customize the furniture according to their preference by placing the furniture on top of each other and create a whole different furniture design of their own. 

Why you should try it out

With such a wide selection of furniture types, built with different designs, sizes, colors, and textures, it is certainly a mod that one needs to download and try on. 

All the furniture is properly designed and made. Created with a clean design, coating with a well-balanced plates color and texture, these furniture surely enhance the whole interior aesthetic of any buildings, houses and rooms. Besides, with the inclusion of the crafting recipes book, players can easily build the furniture they want as the crafting ingredients and even toolkits are provided in the recipes book.

minecraft color furniture

In addition, with the option of customizing, players will have the chance to control and build their desired furniture, expressing their inner creativity and talent by “mix and match” the crafting ingredients, ultimately producing furniture that will complement the interiors of their Minecraft buildings.

Builder Credit

This furniture mod is made by SketchMacaw. This mod is 100% complete, but the creator will still have minor updates from time to time and you could check it out in his page here.

Aside from furniture mod creation, SketchMacaw also creates other mods which will be valuable and useful for the build up of your Minecraft world. Last but not least, don’t forget to follow him on his YouTube channel.

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