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The Best Minecraft Building Guides

Are you new to Minecraft or just looking around for new ideas on what and how to make new builds? There are tons of tutorials and guides all over the internet, some are really good and other ones not so much. In our blog we have published many building guides, either from other authors or our own and we are also guilty on sharing some not actually good, we still think any bad guide is useful. BUT we have also shared some great building tutorials, usually not for high level builders since they probably only look for ideas and go on building themselves, we have shared some quick building tutorials for new and medium level experienced builders.

This time we looked into our past posts and checked on the guides that have had a lot of good response from our visitors and put them together into a list. Keep in mind that some of this guides were made a few years ago and since then Minecraft has had a few updates so maybe not everything is applicable but we are sure you will be able to figure out how to replace and adapt some steps to whatever current version you are playing on.

So lets go into it, here are some of the best Minecraft building guides we have shared previously!

1. Basic Guide To Add Realism To Simple Structures

Basic Guide to add realism to your simple structures

If you are kind of new into Minecraft you probably have encountered this problem, you can put blocks on top of each other (we are sure almost anyone can) but that is not enough to make a pretty build, right? We found this really quick and short but super helpful guide on how to make any basic structure into a great build.

The post is a few years old and we lost track of the original author (wherever you are, we thank you!) but the ideas are pretty simple that even with the past of the time and any updates the game has, these tips would help your builds look better.

2. How To Build A Castle Guide

How to build a castle

This guide is one (if not the most) popular building guide we have shared. We actually had a version of the guide that was really liked but we realized the specific Castle that was being built in the tutorial wasn’t as pretty looking as we would have wanted and was also a little too complicated so a few months ago we decided to update the guide to a better version.

The Castle you would build in this tutorial is simple and easy, but most of the visitors looking at this tutorial were new to Minecraft so if you are building your first castle this guide would be great for you. It might not look like much, but it’s the “setting stone” for an amazing medieval town or whatever you are building that needs castles. Once you are a little more experienced you can keep adding things to the castle.

3. Building Tips For Every Minecraft Beginner

Building Tips

Have you been building in Minecraft for a while but your builds still look a little simple? On point number 1 we have a tutorial to make any build look better but it might not be enough for someone who is looking to take it to the next level.

In this quick 5 Tips Guide for Building we shared some ideas to take your builds to the next level. It’s not a specific guide that’s going to tell you “take this item and put it here…” type of guide, it’s more about concepts on building that can be applied to anything you are working on. Hence why we put on the title of that guide “… To Tap Into Your Inner Architect” because we believe this is what it takes to take you from Mincraft builder to Minecraft Architect (if there is such thing lol).

4. Negative Space For Making Your City Look Better

Negative space for making your city look better

For the more medium level builders, number 3 guide might be good but you might already knew some of those tips. You also may not need guides into how to build structures, you probably need more guidance on how to build whole cities. So kinda going from Minecraft Architec to Minecraft City Planer.

Okay we probably are selling this guide a little too much, what it really is, is a guide on how to create negative space so your city looks better. It’s something I personally was guilty of, I was building structures that didn’t look good next to each other and these quick tips from Sarlac (the author) helped me a lot so we decided to share it in our blog.

5. How To Make A Trail Guide

How To Make A Trail Guide

This guide it’s also a little simple but we consider it for medium level because you are already building villages or cities, so the next step would be how to connect them. This guide is easy to follow and the result is a really nice looking trail.

Again, this might be a little basic for you but you don’t have to follow the steps block by block, you can replace some or upgrade some of the elements that were chosen for the guide but we know it’s something that can be helpful for a lot of people out there.

Those are the best building guides we have published so far but we are always on the look for any interesting builds and guides for all of you, so make sure to check out our blog for updates.

Also, we have recently published the following guides, These are not for building but we thought to add them here since some of you might be interested on them too.

6. Minecoins Guide

Minecoins Guide

Do you know anything about minecoins? If you have used them before then you probably know everything we shared on this guide but if you have never used them, then it might be helpful for you. We answered the most common questions about Minecoins, like what they are, how to use them, where to get them, etc.

7. Getting Your Own Minecraft Server Guide

Getting Your Own Minecraft Server Guide

If you are thinking on starting your own Minecraft server then you must look around for the best server hosting provider. We made this guide on what to look for when searching for providers and we also gave recommendations on which we think are the best 3 ones at the moment.

There are a lot of tutorials out there on how to create your server but step one is getting the right provider, so this guide will be really helpful for you if you are in that process.

8. Minecraft VR Review

Minecraft VR How is it?

This one post is not actually a guide but if you are interested on knowing about the latest VR update for Minecraft then our review would be helpful for you. Even though it’s not a guide this review will be good for you if you want to try the VR version, you would know what to expect from it.

Again, hopefully any of these 5 building guides for building or the 3 guides on general Minecraft are helpful for you.

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