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How To Make A Beautiful Minecraft Trail

Below is a simple tutorial on making a pathway or trail. This is great for connecting villages or buildings. You don’t have to copy it brick for brick and of course you can add your own touch! Maybe instead of dirt you want to use cobblestone.

1. Begin with your layout

Begin with your layout how to build a pretty minecraft trail 1

Add the trail, hills, etc. In this example, I decided to mix coarse dirt, regular dirt, and grass blocks.

2. Add tree skeletons

Add tree skeletons minecraft walking trail

Custom trees tend to look better than regularly grown trees, and also fit the scene much nicer! begin by building a long vertical log, with random branches coming out. I’ve made a few long branches that hang over the trail.

3. Spam leaves

Spam leaves minecraft beautiful trail how to

There’s no good way to teach this, but all I did was spam leaves on all of the logs, making sure each log was covered. In this case, they act as a guideline for leave placement!

4. A look from the ground

A look from the ground minecraft building ideas

5. Add details!

Add details minecraft trail tutorial

Here I have added a fence on one side, with another fence indicating a fork in the trail. This fence design was found on /detailcraft, check it out!

6. Extra decorations – 3 (BONE MEAL!)

Extra decorations - 3 (BONE MEAL!)

BONE MEAL! Adding grass and ferns bring a lot of depth to your build. I decided to not have any flowers in this build, although you may want them in yours!

7. Extra decorations – 4 (Cobwebs?)

Extra decorations - 4 (Cobwebs)

If you like, I added them in this case, but they are definitely not necessary in your trail build!

8. Finished!


All done! Other things that you could do include broken wagons, barrels, villagers, or stone buttons on the floor to make small stones! I hope this helps in your future trail builds!

Comment below if you like it, hate it, or have a cool suggestion! Thanks

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