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Oriental Build Pack

This is a new team of Koreans called Korea Artist. In this pack there are over 50 Oriental style buildings, ships and statues. Anything from huts, ships, boats, towers concrete buildings and even landscape features! This was built by the following memebers: MonkeyD Haru, Disco, Crapcode and Name. Additional Credits: Built by: Korea Artist Screenshots

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Dracshor – Devil’s judgement

This is my first two builds on Athion that I made and later merged to one, both houses have full interior, the bigger one is a court house with a real court system and everything so take a look in there. I have another one coming pretty soon, that one is going to be bigger but that’s still WIP. Also the reason …

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How To Make A Beautiful Minecraft Trail

Below is a simple tutorial on making a pathway or trail. This is great for connecting villages or buildings. You don’t have to copy it brick for brick and of course you can add your own touch! Maybe instead of dirt you want to use cobblestone. Begin with your layout Add the trail, hills, etc. In this example, I decided …

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How To Make A Working Chair You Can Sit On

In this tutorial BehrzillaProductions will walk you making an interactive chair in 1.9! This is a great way to spice up your next build! You can find the code for the command here: http://txt.do/5ymdw Check out the video below

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Wooden Cogs | 100% Vanilla!

Tree Root Plays has figured out a way to create realistic looking wooden gears! Check out his video. This is created using gates, stone wall and pistons. Pretty simple.  All your doing is just dropping armor stands alternating angles in which the arms create the cogs! Pretty genius! This would be great for some windmills, water wheels, blacksmiths and tons of …

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Realistic Garage Doors

After building your house you always feel like some details are missing. Never quite putting your finger on it this is one of those! You can use sideways quartz pillars to create a more realistic garage! Just check out the screenshot above. Looks amazing right? If you’re looking for some more inspiration check out our other detail ideas!

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Fresh Grass | Lawn Detail

Here is a great way to spruce up your new build! Its easy, just mow your grass! Some users on the Reddit community pointed this out. Once you stagger them your house will look like a million bucks. If it already does, then lets say 2 million. This is a simple modification and will only take you a couple of …

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