Dirt Catherdral | Church from Hell

Here is a church for ya! This reminds of what you would find in hell. Dirt, lava, dark, and zombies! Thats what hell looks like right? Ok givin how its all dirt, this is an amazing build from Nazer.  He pretty much just proved everyone wrong about build. Yes you can build sweet buildings using very basic materials. Or only 1 or 2 different item types.

The author of the build Nazer in collaboration with Lockenioa crafted this Cathedral in about a week with world edit. Their first thought was to build it for the contest of Black Lung Mining Spawn but now has been shared with everyone. Taking Dirt Spawn as inspiration for the contest as they always wanted to build a dirt build but didn’t really have a reason to do it. As some other projects they didn’t really have plans and decided on how to build on the go, being their first project working together the results were impressive.

We hope to see more collaborations between them and we can enjoy their builds.

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