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Cathedrale Saint Boniface

Here is my first cathedral project. I wanted to pay tribute to Gothic art in this realization. Inspired directly from the greatest masterpieces of Gothic architecture such as the cathedrals of Saint-Denis, Reims, Chartres , and Paris. I chose a classic Gothic style and accentuated the verticality and gigantism of these architectures. To give realism to my construction, I did not …

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Knarvik Church | Modern

Knarvik Church is a parish church in Lindås municipality in Hordaland county, Norway. It is located in the village of Knarvik. The church is part of the Alversund parish in the Nordhordland deanery in the Diocese of Bjørgvin. The modern-style wooden church was consecrated the 30th of November 2014. Additional Credits: Built by: GNwork Screenshots

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St. Lanthan | Floating Church

This is my first Timelapse, only a small project to try out. Construction time approx. 1 hour.  Recording, cutting and rendering you would rather not know 🙂 The map contains a small church, on a flying island. Timelapse Video: Additional Credits: Built by: SKULLUKS Screenshots

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The Great Chicken Cathedral

Praise the Great Chicken. This is a fun little cathedral I started as a joke earlier this year and finally got around to finishing this month. I started off trying to model the cathedral-like the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral in Spain. But of course it was a huge undertaking and soon after the cathedral took on its own style. The …

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Twisted Christmas

Twas the week before Christmas, when all though the web not a player was building, not even a dev. The houses were built by the builders with care in hopes that the players would soon be there. The tree in the center, glinted with glitter and the uploads were made to Facebook and Twitter. The tinsel was draped and the …

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The land of Whisper #1 | The Academy

Hello ! As you can see, this is … a build. haha. I wanted to build a neo gothic themed academy, but it looks like a church a little bit. I built it to improve my personal style : I wanted a build something without too much details, Something simple and nice. I’ll build more stuff using this style for the ” …

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Prismarine Cathedral

This is my cathedral. I built 95% of it and 3 others helped me finished the reaming other 5%.  Be sure to watch the video to get a much better view! Don’t forget to check out the angel statue! The detail is amazing! built by: mutzelhd  

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Dirt Catherdral | Church from Hell

Here is a church for ya! This reminds of what you would find in hell. Dirt, lava, dark, and zombies! Ok givin how its all dirt, this is an amazing build from Nazer.  He pretty much just proved everyone wrong about build. Yes you can build sweet buildings using very basic materials. Or only 1 or 2 different item types.  …

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