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16 Minecraft Wall Ideas | World-o-Walls

Imgur user MCNoodlor has put together an amazing collection of walls along with a wireframe to help you create your own ideas! If you do create one, please post it in the comments below to add to this list! You will find 16 below and a download link at the bottom!                   …

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Minecraft Building Ideas | 100+

Below you will find a list of ideas on what to build in the popular Minecraft game! These are just suggestions and the list it essentially limit less! Have other ideas? Let us know in the comments below! Here we go: Zoo School Farm Space Station Dump Truck Highway Colossus of Rhodes House Police Station Theme Park College Campus Gas …

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Dirt Catherdral | Church from Hell

Here is a church for ya! This reminds of what you would find in hell. Dirt, lava, dark, and zombies! Ok givin how its all dirt, this is an amazing build from Nazer.  He pretty much just proved everyone wrong about build. Yes you can build sweet buildings using very basic materials. Or only 1 or 2 different item types.  …

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