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10 Amazing Minecraft Mansions

There are different types of players in Minecraft, like the ones who are playing on Survival mode with the challenges it involves or the ones who like to just build amazing structures which are the ones we sometimes get to post in our blog.

If you are the type that likes to build amazing structures you probably have built whole cities, medieval towns, farms or anything alike on which you have challenged yourself on creating a lot of variations for places to “live”. We recently published a post with some of the most liked Castles we have shared in our blog but this time we wanted to make a compilation of the favorite Mansions we have posted. 

On this list of Mansions you would find a bit of everything, for sure there will be something that will fit your other creations. Let’s start with the list.

1. Medieval Mansion

Medieval Mansion

On the number one of our list we have what has been the most popular Minecraft Mansion we have ever shared and if you check the post you will see why. This Mansion created by the builder oakley09, it has some pretty amazing finishings and a great landscape. 

There is so much work put into this built, the creator used small blocks the biggest ones being 30×30 which is why if you look closely there are so many small details on it, making this Medieval Mansion one of the favorite builts we have published.

2. Modern Cliff Side Mansion

Modern Mansion

What you probably think when you see both words “Modern Mansion” together is something like this crazy Mansion. This is built on the edge of a cliff which just by itself makes it stand out and to make it even better, this Mansion has all the things you can imaging inside, in the 3 floors that was built on you can find gardens, balconies, big windows inside pool and lots of more things we all wish we could have in our real life mansions.

3. Red Old Mansion

Red Old Mansion Minecraft

If you are building a town and have started to also fill out the outside of it one of the best ideas to do is to make big houses and mansions. This Red Old Mansion is exactly that, the type of Mansion someone would buy out of town. 

This build doesn’t have much inside but the outside of it speaks for itself. It’s red and grey, with lots of windows and columns in the main entrance which gives it a fancy feel to it. This mansion is a great start for your out of town neighborhood, it will be the setting stone for it.

4. Tudor Mansion

Tudor Mansion

Lets get to the next Mansion which is HUGE! Original builder spent about a week and a half to finish building it and if you check out the post you will see why. This Tudor Mansion has everything, 4 bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, family, gaming, laundry rooms, etc. its inside is filled.

The decoration is also something to remark, the creator definitely took his time making it really cool and with lots of details. But the outside is as or more impressive, you will find stairs to get to the strance and a big garden on the front. In the backyard there is a basketball and tennis court and the most outstanding part of it is the big pool, which is a must on any Minecraft Mansion.

5. Beach-side B&B Resort & Mansion

Beach-side B&B Resort & Mansion

Do you know those crazy houses multi-millionaires have? Well, now you can have one ….in Minecraft lol

We won’t talk about all the things this Mansion has because there is a lot going on so to find all the details you have to visit the Beach-side B&B Resort & Mansion post but we can summarize it. There are about 14 bedrooms, many bathrooms, a few different pools and sports courts, cars, boats/yachts, jetskis, different activity rooms and plenty of other things. It’s crazy, we are telling you.

6. Plantation Mansion

Plantation Mansion

Here we have another huge Mansion, this Plantation Mansion is about 6,700 Square ft built by LaughingUrchin. This is a luxury house with lots of rooms and small details in the inside which makes it look amazing the attention put into this build and it definitely shows in the end result. We lost track of the creator but he said it was his first Minecraft Mansion, we can’t imagine all the amazing things he built after this one. 

7. Luxurious Modern Mansion

Luxurious Modern House

When we say luxurious we mean it! This Mansion is a creation from a builder we like named pigonge and he has built multiple amazing houses. This Luxurious Modern Mansion is special, it has all the things you will expect to find on a mansion (big yard, pool, decks) but with luxurious finishings. There is a lot of attention to details on the inside of the house but also on the outside of it, which is not something most builders spend time doing.

8. PineVale Mansion

PineVale Mansion

If you like french style architecture then this Mansion would be great for you which is based on the French chateau’s style. This PineVale Mansion is looking a little like a Castle where even though the actual building is huge what it actually is about is its garden. The creator was practicing building organics and ended up with this great built where you will find all sorts of plants, trees and flowers. You can look in the pic how massive the garden is.

9. Fantasy Mansion Plot

Fantasy Mansion Plot

On number 9 we have again another Mansion that could pass as a Castle. This build made by MrSheep74 took about 2 days to finish but for an experienced builder like him it’s more than enough to come up with something great like this. This Fantasy Mansion Plot has something a bit unusual, a little lake outside of the Minecraft Mansion with a wooden ship, do you like that? Check it out! 

10. Medieval Mansion

Medieval Mansion Build

For the last Mansion of the list we have shared one of our most recent shares which also has been well liked since day 1. This amazing Medieval Mansion is something you definitely need to have if you are working on a Medieval World. There are some many cool things about this build, from the regular multiple rooms a mansion should have as a bridge to get into it crossing the river, as you would find in any medieval town. And some much more to find on this build so you have to see it for yourself.

There you have it, a great list with 10 really cool Mansions for you to get or inspire on for your builds. We hope you liked all of them and if you didn’t, make sure you continue checking our blog, we constantly share Minecraft Mansions we find online.

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