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Gateux | Team Visionary Trial

You walk forward through the eerie portal revealed only with the right elements. You’re immediately met by a pleasant world. You’re up to your knees in warm, murky water. The air is hot and humid, causing you to sweat almost immediately. A new world has literally opened up to you, vast expanses of new life ready to be explored. You can’t wait. First what you saw was the lighthouse, after few hours you reached a beautiful old fortress. Gateux. The fortress dominates the entire island and gives it a monumental significance. This stronghold is protected by magic from a huge golem and dragon. This world is indubitably pleasing, so all you need is a healthy dose of caution and you should be fine.

In the far-off distance, you see strange shapes of the type of creatures they write stories about. Although they seem perfectly friendly, now would be the time to be very cautious. You can see tiny creatures, bulky creatures and what you think might be featured creatures of some sort.

You make sure to check all your gear and supplies one last time as you set upon a world beyond your imagination. But, with an eye for details, some scouting experience, and a cautious nature, you know you can charter this uncharted land.

Additional Credits: Built by: TheR3d1337


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