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Holy #$&! Yeah why now show how large you actually live! This is by far one of the prettiest houses I’ve seen in a while!


A word from the author LaughingUrchin:

Welcome to this beautiful 6,700 Square Foot Plantation Mansion.

Featuring a massive outdoor pool and living area, this mansion has it all.

This was my first try at a Plantation style mansion, but I really enjoy building it, and was very happy with the outcome.
Hope you all enjoy this mansion and style!

Additional Details

5 Bedroom

4 Bathroom
2 Story ceilings
3 Car garage
Huge backyard pool complete with Cabana
Note : Since I use World Downloader for the Downloads, it gets more than I mean it too, and downloads other houses. Only the mansion shown above in the pictures is mine.
Check out the screenshots below!
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