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Red Old Mansion

One of the most common but also most fun of builds to make are Mansions! We have shared you many before from luxury to simple (if any Mansion can be called simple lol) Mansions. This time we bring you this Red Old Mansion that you can add to pretty much any of your builds.

The builder ND63319 created this amazing build which actually started white but then, after some updates he was making on his profile and other builds, decided to update it and make it red. This Mansion was created for version 1.6.2 but latest updates made with Red Stained Clay also are supported in some Minecraft versions before 1.6.

As you can see in the images below, the inside of the mansion is unfurnished but that just leaves you room to your imagination. The outside is already amazing and has a lot of work done already, so you can’t complain.

Hopefully you enjoy this build and are able to turn it into something even better.

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*World Save – Builder is MIA and link no longer works
Download Red Mansion Schematic
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