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50 Awesome Minecraft Builds To Get Yourself Inspired

Here we have 50 Awesome Minecraft builds with download link to get yourself inspired.

You like builds? How about 50 of them? TheMythicalSausage is one of our favorite Minecraft channels because of all of the cool builds we can find to try out and get inspired. In this downloadable, we’re sharing a super cool flat world filled with over 50 different structures, homes, castles and other stuff. This will surely get your block architecture creativity going.

What’s In The Build

When you first load up this Minecraft world, you’ll be plopped into a flat world which you can freely explore. Everywhere you turn, you’ll find a wide variety of cool builds made by TheMythicalSausage. And each build isn’t just about its exterior. The interiors have also been crafted with fine details to give you some ideas for room aesthetics.

Let’s have a look at some of the best builds you can find in this giant build bonanza of a world:

  • Animal sanctuary: TheMythicalSausage called this a fox sanctuary but it feels like you could build this as a little haven to keep all kinds of animals. It’s got nicely detailed walls that make it more than just simple fencing. The interior feels like a little animal paradise with lots of decorative plants and a pond.
  • Steampunk Starter House: For all of your steampunk style aficionados out there, this is a really cool build. It’s a raised structure with not one, not two, but THREE chimneys that really bring that steam aesthetic to life.
  • Medieval Twin Towers: Do you like building towers? Then you’ll love this one! It’s a pair of identical medieval-style towers with an air bridge that connects them. The towers themselves are also nicely detailed with some cool accents and a few hanging lanterns that really make the design come together.
  • 8 Wall Designs: The build also comes with 8 different styles of walls for you to use in your own builds. The styles are inspired by a variety of cultures and locales, including Asian and desert styles, so there’s quite a bit of inspiration you can get here.
  • Modern Home: If you wanted to build something closer to a modern-day vacation home, then there’s one in here for you. It comes with sloped roofs and white walls to make it look minimalistic yet expensive-looking.
  • Spanish Villa: From modern to more rustic, this build is quite cool if you want to make a world filled with beaches and cool cinematic backdrops. Definitely eye-catching. The build’s interior has some crazy nice details to pull ideas from, as well.

These picks are just barely scratching the surface of all the builds TheMythicalSausage has included. Check them all out and see what creative spins you can add.

Why Try It Out

It’s not often that you find worlds that contain a collection of build ideas. This one has so many you’ll be diving in every so often for a long time to get your creative juices flowing. What’s more is that TheMythicalSausage has taken the time to include a wide variety of build styles and aesthetics. You’d be hard-pressed to find something that didn’t appeal to you. On top of that, there’s a playlist containing tutorials on how to create EVERY SINGLE one of these builds. What more could you ask for?

Awesome Minecraft Builds
50 Awesome Builds
Awesome Minecraft Builds For Inspiration
50 Minecraft Builds
Awesome Minecraft Builds

Builder Credit

This build was made by TheMythicalSausage over on YouTube. He does fun timelapses of various Minecraft builds as well as some of the best tutorials. His channel is really cool if you want to look for inspiration for your own builds so be sure to check him out by subscribing here.

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