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Redstone Utility Resource Pack

With the Redstone Utility Resource Pack, the goal here is to focus on redstone. This texture pack can be used with other default resource packs to help with identifying traps which can be hard to spot, easy to tell which way dispensers are facing, along with countless other features to make your next build easier to tell whats going. As you can see below there are tons of features with this!

Ever Wanted all the best features of those ‘basic’ texture packs?
Well, here it is!
Made for all the Redstoners, Miners, YouTubers, and Builders out there!
Current release: v1

designed by: leasoncre
Main Features:

  1. Redstone Components Made to order.
  2. Miner’s Delight.
  3. Builders Nuances.
  4. Mob Contrast.
  5. Misc Nifty Features.


  • Pressure Plates and Buttons: Can’t Hide from you! no more walking through disguised traps by accident.
  • Levers: Know exactly when it’s on or off!
  • Dispensers and Droppers: Directional Textures let you know at a glance exactly which direction they are facing
  • Sticky Pistons: Show an “s” on all sides so you’ll always know it’s a sticky piston, and what direction it’s facing at a glance. Youtube tutorials.
  • Note Block and Jukebox‘s: Have Different textures to easily distinguish between the two.
  • Repeaters: Have unique textures for every setting they have, and easily tell what setting they are on from the side! Youtube tutorials.
  • Comparators: clear contrast when set to subtract mode vs add mode. (v2)
  • Redstone Dust: Has a bold flat line ti it for ease of sight.
  • Tripwire: SEE the tripwire before you unwittingly walk through it. And even tell if it’s connected to tripwire hooks or not! (Green is unconnected, Red is connected)
  • Tripwire Hooks: when tripped, the hook’s change color for easy troubleshooting if it ever mysteriously gets stuck on.
  • Daylight Sensors: Have an actual Photocell Diode design!
  • Item Frames: Show the power level for each position an item is in. (Note: some items are angled to begin with. I have added a simple red pixel to commonly used items to show the power position when used in item frames)
  • Detector Rails, Activator Rails, and Powered Rails modified
  • Hoppers: Show what direction they are facing from any side!


  • All Ore Blocks: Have that boarder around them that makes them stand out from the surrounding blocks
  • Granite, Diorite, and Andersite: Have a stone texture boarder that makes them blend in just a bit more with the surrounding stone. (boy was it annoying seeing that harsh break in the stone with these new blocks, Fixed It!)
  • Monster Egg Blocks are as clear as ores are. Stamped with a nice “M,” can’t miss ’em!


  • Double Slabs: easily tell when something is built with a double slab or a full block.
  • Slabs: All slabs have their own slab-style texture
  • Stairs: Know you’r dealing with a stair block, reguardless of which side of it you’re looking at. 4 squared texture makes it easy, but won’t ruin the look of things.
  • Snow Layers: Visually show (but won’t ruin the experience, it’s fairly subtle) exactly how many layers are placed.
  • Water and Lava: textures animated when flowing, and shows direction of flow!
  • Monster Egg Blocks: Easily identify these, they all have a nice “M” on them. don’t ya hate when folks in creative build with those?
  • Grass, Podzol and Mycelium Blocks : “Seamless” textures make the landscape really flow like the natural wild.
  • Stained Hardened Clay: confused on which color the stained clay’s are? While the core color remains the same, the outline shows the dye color clearly.
  • Written Books: Have line numbers and character width (using default font) right on the page for easily centering and managing your book’s contents!
  • Moon Phase: Tells you the % chance of slimes spawning in a swamp biome! (light levels and other game mechanics still need to be met for them to spawn) “+” means it’s on the rise, “-” means chances are falling
  • Trapped Chests: Have a Red Outline in contrast with a regular chest. Easily see trapped chests that may be connected to trolling :)
  • Signs: Flatter Texture makes signs easier to read
  • CROPS: all crops show exactly how many stages left until harvest-able! and have an outline around them so you know exactly when they’re ready, just ignore the numbered stages!


  • Changed several of the mobs color schemes to contrast more easily with the environment, works doubly well if you have a mini-map!
  • Creepers: Are bright red so you can’t miss ’em, don’t let ’em sneak up on ya again!
  • Zombies/Zombie Villagers: Easily tell the difference between Zombies and Zombie Villagers.
  • Wolf: Tame wolves have a clean coat, Wild wolves have ‘dirty’ stripes, and Angry Wolves have Red Stripes!


  • Lag, reducing: (unproven, optifine recommended with configuring) with the majority of the textures only 16×16 this pack should load for you almost instantly and will keep things running smoothly as you adventure on!
  • Leaves: Each have a respective letter on them according to the tree type they belong to. don’t worry, you might not even notice at first.
  • Keeps the original feel of Minecraft, but makes it a bit smoother.
  • Anvils: Easily see the amount of damage an anvil has. when it turns red, time to make another one!


  • Make your tutorials even easier to follow with sticky pistons clearly visible next to normal pistons!.
  • Droppers and Dispensers show exactly what direction they’re facing no matter side you’re standing on.
  • Repeaters need only be seen from the side or glanced at from above to see what they are set too.

Textures not changed:

  • Grass, Podzol,and Mycelium itself (mappings changed), Dirt, Flowers, Saplings, Horses, Rabbits, Mushrooms (not the blocks), Paintings, Banners, GUIs (inventory screens), Iron Golem, Guardians, Steve/Alex, Chicken, Snowman, Portals, Fire

Planned changes in the future:

  • Make available partial re texture packs (ie: Redstone components only resource pack download link) -after project is about 100% done i will make these available.
  • number Inventory screens for content creators. can’t find a reliable and up-to-date source for all the different screens to do this accurately. (may not happen)
  • suggestions for improvement? (msg me please)
  • update pack/code to 1.9 when officially released.


  • If you don’t like some of the textures, delete the ones you don’t like, but beware, if you delete ones that have modified models/blockstates, you may end up with the ‘missing texture’!
  • Yes, the textures have all been ‘flattened’ and made less vivid. it’s a utility pack, not a pretty pack
  • Texture Pack Inspired by CodeCrafted and various YouTube tutorials that i thought could have benefited from some simple texture mods for instructional use.
  • Can’t fix the side of lava/water texture not being centered on the ‘block’ when flowing. help? would like to fix if possible.
Full Redstone Utility Pack Mirror Download Link

Sub Pack Downloads: Grab only the parts you want!
Each Sub-Pack is listed as it’s own texture Pack, only add the changes you want! Just List them from top-to-bottom in your resource packs list, Top of the list get’s loaded first. Mix ‘N Match! Even add other texture packs (last) and those pack’s will be loaded too!

Redstone Components Only Download Link: Piston, Sticky Piston, Dropper, Dispenser, Redstone Lamp, Redstone Block, Redstone Torch, Redstone Dust, Chest, Trapped Chest, Note Block, Jukebox, Repeaters, Comparator, Tripwires, Tripwire Hooks, Lever, Pressure Plates, Buttons, Daylight Sensor, Rails, Minecart, Slime Block, Item Frame, TNT, Brewing Stand, Cauldron, Sign, Furnace, Hopper, Water

Redstoners Support Blocks Only Download link: (blocks that you support and/or commonly used in your redstone creations for instructional purposes): All Wool Blocks, All Stained Hardened Clay Blocks, Ore Blocks, Sand, Red Sand, Gravel, Obsidian, Glowstone, Planks

Redstoners Item Frame Item Markers Only Download Link: (items just have a red dot at the bottom to indicate the power position against an item frame) Item Frame, Numerous Items. Use slime balls or other items for your pass code. nobody else will be able to see the indicator marking! They can stand right next to you and have no clue what code you just entered.

Miners Delight Blocks Only Download Link: Monster Egg Blocks, Andersite, Diorite, Granite, All Ores, All Ore Blocks, Grasses (‘seamless’)

Builder Nuances Only Download Link: Double Slabs, Slabs, Stairs, Planks, Sandstones, Bricks, Stone Bricks, Cobblestones, Monster Eggs, Nether Bricks, Quartz, Snow Layers, Water, Lava, Anvils, Leaves, Book GUI, Sign, Course Dirt
Mobs Contrast Only Download Link: (entities) Armor Stand, Cats, Cow/Mooshroom, Creeper, Ender Crystal, Ender Dragon, Enderman, Ghast, Pig, Sheep, Squid, Bat, Endermite, SilverFish, Skeleton, Wither Skeleton, Slime, Magma Cube, Spider, Cave Spider, Wither, Wolf, Zombie and Zombie Villager, Zombie Pigman

Crop Stages Only Download Link: Farmland, Cocoa, Nether Wart, Pumpkin Stems, Pumpkins, Jack-O-Lanturn, Melon Stems, Melons, Wheat, Carrots, Potatoes, Sugar Cane, Cactus, Cake, Water

Glass Only Download Link: Only want the clear Glass/Panes? Get ’em here.

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