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Do you enjoy Creative Mode in Minecraft? Are you tired of using the same old blocks? On its own, Minecraft has a decent variety of blocks that can be used to create all kinds of structures, like a basic castle. They packaged collection of blocks are fine for starting out but if you’re a Creative Mode artist, you want a wider spectrum of colours, shapes and textures to choose from. If you’ve graduated from making simple structures that follow the same repetitive motif, then you should install the Chisel 3 Creative mod.

Mods can sound like a scary thing to get into. Some poorly made ones could actually create more problems than they actually solve. Chisel 3, however, is the third iteration of a long time in development mod series made by experienced and reputable within the community mod creators.

What is Chisel 3?

Chisel 3 is a mod for Creative Mode in Minecraft. It adds a lot of potential to make new block types to the already existing pool. The way it works is that it adds a Chisel tool that you can equip and use on any block to change its appearance. You can craft the Chisel with a Stick and an Iron Ingot. Once you have that equipped, you’ll gain access to a special UI that will allow you to select and modify the appearance of any block in a multitude of varieties.

The Mod also includes an Auto Chisel function that will change a block’s appearance to a pre-made block type. Between these pre-made blocks and the ones you can make on your own, your creative possibilities are near limitless.

On tops of the Chisel tool, Chisel 3 mod gives you access to two other items; the Ball O’ Moss and the Cloud in a Bottle. You can toss these items by right-clicking them. When the Ball O’Moss lands onto a group of blocks, they all turn into Moss Covered versions of those blocks. This is great if you need a whole structure to look and feel old and dirty. The Cloud in a Bottle on impact will generate a large number of clouds in the surrounding area. Perfect for making tall skyscrapers, massive fortresses and unscalable mountains.

What Can you Do with Chisel 3?

The question should actually be “what CAN’T you do with Chisel 3?” and the answer is simple: not a whole lot. Almost any kind of structure you’re envisioning in your mind or replicating from the real world or media can be made by using the right type of blocks. Chisel 3 and its handy tools give you the ability to do just that. Every Minecraft creator who lives and breathes in Creative Mode should install this mod. It will give you be like you suddenly have been given access to the very Matrix of Minecraft’s possibilities.

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Creator Credit

Chisel has been through a variety of talented developers such as tterag1098, Drullkus, Minecratr, AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN, Pokefenn and most recently TheCricket26.

If you want to get the files visit 9minecraft to get more information. You will need Minecraft Forge installed.

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