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How To Find Woodland Mansion

One of the most unusual buildings in Minecraft is the Woodland Mansion.

Woodland Mansions are natural buildings that were added to Minecraft as part of the 1.11 Exploration Update.

They’re quite rare and can be found “only” in the Dark Forest Biome.

BUT even though they are rare, some users have reported to have one or two when they create a new world. So it can happen you will randonly get one, if you are lucky lol

You’ll find special goodies in a them, such as diamond blocks and diamond armor.

If you want to know find one keep on reading, we got all the steps on how to find a woodland mansion.

How To Find A Woodland Mansion In Minecraft

1. Buy A Woodland Explorer Map

trading for map

The first step to find a Woodland Mansion is to buy a Woodland Explorer Maps from a cartographer villager.

To be able to do this you have to enable tier 4, just keep trading with the villager until you can see the map Woodland Explorer Map in the items menu.

The price of the map is quite high, you may need 15-30 emeralds and a compass but it is a necessary expense to get to the mansion.

2. Find The Mansion On The Map

Woodland Explorer Map

Once you got the Woodland Explorer Maps the next step is to locate the Woodland Mansion on it.

Most users have reported that the mansion is often 10-30,000 blocks away from the initial point, so the journey will be long and difficult to get there alive.

You will need to enlarge the map since even in the map, the mansion is difficult to see. The best idea is to just get the general direction you have to head (press F3 on PC) .

But don’t worry, the map is accurate, so you will eventually get there.

3. Explore The Mansion

Great! You found your Woodland Mansion, one of the rarest buildings in Minecraft.

Now is time to explore and enjoy it.

As we mentioned, you will find some unique items inside them.

Woodland Mansion In Minecraft

Inside Woodland Mansion’s in Minecraft you can find:

  • Diamond armor
  • Diamond blocks
  • Dungeon-type loot
  • Hidden rooms
  • Illagers mobs
  • Emeralds
  • Totems of Undying

Woodland Mansion’s – FAQ

Are Woodland Mansions are the only place you can get Totems?

Technically yes, Woodland Mansions are the only “place” you can get Totems.

Another way to get Totems is from raids, but that is not a place, is an event. So yes, you can only get them there.

Are Woodland Mansions only found in Woodland Explorer Map?

No, some players have said they got 1 or more when they randomly created a new world.

Unfortunately those cases are rare, as rare as you randomly stumble upon one of them in your journey.

So if you don’t have any your best shot is by getting Woodland Explorer Map from a cartographer villager.

How far are Woodland Mansions?

There is not set distance but it usually can be from 10 to 30 thousand blocks away.

So bring everything you think you will need for a long journey.

Final Thoughts

Woodland Mansions are a very cool, and unique building in Minecraft.

They provide an interesting challenge to find, and hold some great treasures inside them for the player who can make it to the end.

We hope you found this article helpful in your search for this rare building. Good luck!

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