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Overhauled Overworld: Realistic Vanilla Biomes

Dreaming living in a world where you could instantly experience different geographical landscapes, freely switching between climates, exploring mysterious jungle, forest, deserts and taigas, stumble upon beautiful and unique plants and animals, with some are strange and deadly, William Wythers’ Overhauled Overworld might have what you’re looking for. 

Master Miner William Wythers had re-created the vanilla biomes, making few changes in it to achieve a more realistic and atmospheric world.

What is in the build

This build contains all the biomes you can name, the plain, the ocean, the river, forest, jungle, taiga and desert. In the recreated version, the rivers are made wider. It looks more realistic now and less likely to break, thus making it easier to be used as a mode of transportation across the world. Unfortunately, the lava lakes and lava springs are removed, and so do most of the ravines. Despite these global changes, this build still has lots to offer.

Now let’s together explore some other changes in this build.

  • The Warm Ocean is made shallower now, with paradise tropical islands breaking from the surface, grown with “cocoa-nut” trees and melons. It is also the home for the pigs, parrots and turtles. 
  • Flower Forest, a fairytale realm of pink blossom acacia trees, sparse bamboo with plentiful fauna, bees and pastel sheep.
  • The gloomy Dark Forest is covered with dark-spider infested oaks and dead trees. It is a marshy region where mushrooms of all shapes and sizes grow, and deadly and strange creatures live.
  • Inspired by the Skull Island from the 2005 King Kong movie, Modified Jungle now has terrain of varying plateaus broken by deep ravines. 
  • The Bamboo Jungle Hills is an Indo-Chinese inspired jungle of red sandstone rising to the snow level, where cedars generate. 
  • The Swap Hills have larger trees than normal swamp, which makes it look more like a bayou..
  • The Snowy Taiga is more realistic now, with snowy under the trees, and on almost all the leave 
  • Sunflower Plains is surrounded by autumnal woods, grow with beautiful sunflower, abundant of pumpkin patches and harvested fields with hay block pile
Overhauled Overworld Realistic Vanilla Biomes
Overhauled Overworld
More Realistic Vanilla Biomes

Why Try It Out

There are many other changes in the build and it will be too long to list it all. As a recreated build, you could expect the biomes to be more realistic and make the exploration more exciting. Besides, Master Miner William Wythers is constantly trying to improve the build to make a more realistic world. Thus, any ideas are always welcome.

Realistic Vanilla Biomes

Final Word

If you are an adventurous person,  who love exploration in places, admiring breathtaking nature and landscape, yet unable to do so due  to the long year pandemic, then this build will bring out the adventurous side of you and you will feel like a  free person again. 

Builder Credit

This build was made by Master Miner William Wythers and it should work fine with other Nether updates and End worldgen datapack. To find any update on William Wythers’ Overhauled Overworld, you can visit his builder page or check the original post here. Feel free to subscribe to him as well to explore other builds he has.

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