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Spawn Fake Diamonds or Anything Else | No Mods

Another great find by SargeantJared

Fake Diamonds

Hello there, SargeantJared here!
Today I have for you Fake Diamonds to
troll/prank your friends! :PWhat is it?
These are fake diamonds, they look real but can’t be picked up.
Perfect for pranking your friends or making diamonds in
adventure maps that are to be shown only.Tutorial:
Simply type this in chat (in 1.7 or higher) where you want the diamond appear:
/summon Item ~ ~ ~ {Item:{id:264,Count:0}}
You can change “264” to a different item ID ;)

How does it work?
It is very simple, it spawns 0 diamonds while still making it appear.



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  1. Once I found a video (sadly I can’t find it again, though I’m still looking) that showed you how to hook up redstone in survival to get infinite diamonds with this.

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