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Fast Castle Gate

If you are like me you have probably built a lot of castles, for some reason castles are one of my favorite things to build that’s also why you see a lot of them in this blog but something I really appreciate are items or things to add to them to make them look even better.

This time we are sharing a tutorial on how to build a castle gate and not just to build it but also how to make it work.  This is another great tutorial by minecraftpg5! which we have shared a lot of this work on here before like the 3 way staircase which is also a great addition to any build like this working castle gate.

Watch the full video and learn how to build working castle gate with help of minecraftpg5. Make sure to follow him for more cool builds, in case we miss one of them you wont.

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6 thoughts on “Fast Castle Gate”

  1. Frustrating to build (it shortcircuits easily if you dont look closely for skipped steps) and breaks constantly – the gravel drops only work once or twice, then break and revert to item drops, so you constantly have to add new gravel. I followed the video closely – twice – and can’t help but feel you skipped a step or two (which is apparent from how the pistons often change position during the chapter breaks).

  2. Yeah, this gate doesn’t work in bukkit… Although, it works quite well in vanilla. Just gotta open and close it a couple times before it stops breaking the gravel blocks though.

  3. I’ve completed the bottom part of the setup, and the gravel breaks the top two levels off when I use the switch to test it. does that stop when the top is in place or did I set something up wrong?

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