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Project Collateral | Yacht

Of all the cool things you can build in Minecraft, a yacht is definitely a must if you have any sort of big area of water in your world.

If you want to learn how to build a yacht in Minecraft we have something better for you, a yacht already built!

How To Build A Minecraft Yacht – Faster!

This time we bring you a Minecraft yacht built by Rattyguy01 which looks amazing! The yacht is about 180 blocks long and so far its creator has only completed the experior part but that also gives you the chance to add whatever you want to the interior.

There are plenty of things you can add to the interior, we recommend you to look for ideas on some other builds we have shared like this post with 100 ideas for Minecraft or even better, check the most beautiful minecraft seeds to get inspiration on making your Minecraft yacht environment prettier.

The builder promised to furnish 6 full decks but to be honest, we didn’t check if he did so if you liked what he has done so far maybe go search for the updated version.

Renders used by Rattyguy01 were done with Chunky and he also recommends to use the Flows HD textures. We know managing and building this type of big structure takes a lot of time and effort. If you want to build something similar and are playing Minecraft on PC you should look at some great keyboards for Minecraft or want the best mouse to play Minecraft to help you ease the building efforts.

Minecraft Yacht Screenshots

Yacht Minecraft Credits

If you liked the build please make sure to follow the creator profile and if you plan to share his build as we did give proper credits to him. Enjoy!


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