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Minecraft Timlapse | Medivel waiting lobby | Mendeleev

MY YOUTUBE CHANEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3-Z2bc7cSk7bfXQSifBEN: ———————————————————————————————————– Hi, I hope you liked the Speed Build, Timlapse.The Wartelobby contains a mansion with a park, fields with a windmill, a Steampunk airship and many small details. Everything is connected with a jump and run.Ps: Enjoy and remember to comment, rate and Subscibe!DE: ———————————————————————————————————– Hi, Ich hoffe, dir hat das Zeitraffer gefallen.Die Wartelobby enthĂ€lt ein …

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Project Collateral | Yacht

For this yacht, I decided to upsize things a little bit! This yacht is 180 blocks long. I have only completed the exterior at the moment. I will touch up the deck furniture later on and eventually add an interior, but this will definitely take a while. If anyone would like to help, then please PM me, as I really …

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USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN-69 | 1:1 Scale

So… Yeah I know its been a while since I’ve posted anything new on here… Over 2 years now as a matter of fact… But I’m back now, well, I’ve never really been gone. I’ve been active on PMC the entire time that I wasn’t posting anything, but I wasn’t really playing that much Minecraft. I started this project in …

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Fryst Fortress

We started this project as a group in January of 2016, but stopped after only a little bit of work. I got tired of seeing it unfinished and decided to finish it! 😀 Huge thanks to Joebricksy for the render, really brings the build to life. Additional Credits: Built by: Abigantamos Screenshots

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Lil Boat

Necrosys Presents: lil boat [Hook] I know you almost lost your life Taking pictures of glacial ice But then the ice cracked and you lost your wife Now you’re stranded here for the night I know you almost lost your life Taking pictures of glacial ice But then the ice cracked and you lost your wife Now you’re stranded here …

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French Ocean liner | SS Marseille (II)

Here are 2 amazing ships built by dmitriiTL. This doesn’t just stop at the ships either. It’s a complete shipping yard! Including the installation frames and framing lines to build new ships. There is even a T10 being built that roughly 95% complete in the yard along with rail lines to deliver supplies. The interior is completely finished and includes …

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Elvish Outpost | Arien Helyanwë

Travel to a land far from home. To the distant Elvish Kingdom of Beleriand in Middle Earth, a land hidden from the wrath of Morgoth. The Outpost of Arien HelyanwĂ« is a Sindarin outpost modeled after the image of Gondolin the great city of the Elves, I took my inspiration for this for the many graphic recreations of this city. Some Background on the …

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Wapen von Hamburg | Ship

~ Wapen von Hamburg III~ Description The Wapen von Hamburg was a german built 2nd rate ship of the line during 17th century, it is the third ship to beaer the name, and the most powerful with 70 guns. In the years 1662 – 1667 the City of Hamburg lost altogether 13 trading vessels to pirates, and the shipping of …

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Galleon Aurora | Ship

Galleon Aurora Ship Minecraft

Here is a build by freekm1234. This ship was constructed on the Alereon server and over a week to construct. To get the final result freekm1234 had to use 3 different hull designs to get the result he was looking for. Enjoy

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