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Desdruktiva’s British Armada Seven

Description This is it lads, change of plans led me to release this armada directly instead of the ships one by one at first. This armada, or fleet, however you want to put it, includes seven ships built from the keel up, wherein 4 of them are complete replicas built very accurately based on real ships blueprints, models, and records. …

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Project Collateral | Yacht

For this yacht, I decided to upsize things a little bit! This yacht is 180 blocks long. I have only completed the exterior at the moment. I will touch up the deck furniture later on and eventually add an interior, but this will definitely take a while. If anyone would like to help, then please PM me, as I really …

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Dumpster Diving

Journal Log 36 “Stock the storage room. Tie the hooks. Line the rods. Clean the thrusters. Ready the engines- cough cough- were off to sea lads!” Those orders were given a week ago, and the following five days provided me with six fish, fifteen tires, seven pairs of mismatching boots, a flier’s license from New Jersey of a man by …

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French Ocean liner | SS Marseille (II)

Here are 2 amazing ships built by dmitriiTL. This doesn’t just stop at the ships either. It’s a complete shipping yard! Including the installation frames and framing lines to build new ships. There is even a T10 being built that roughly 95% complete in the yard along with rail lines to deliver supplies. The interior is completely finished and includes …

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Oceancraft Mod: Fish, Crabs, Whales, Sharks and More

The oceancraft mod adds life to the empty ocean biome of Minecraft. The mod adds 13 new animals, 8 in the ocean, 1 in the air and 3 on the beach. This mod also adds new blocks, items and structures. There is a lot of more to discover in the oceans with this mod, see for yourself and download the mod! Oceancraft …

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