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Dargull – The submarine Monster Free Spawn

Dragull, the Submarine monster wake up, and destroy the village who locked him in his submarine cage. Realistic effects, with water and lava. Made in: 4 to 5 hours. The schematics are free to use, u can take that spawn and use it on your server ! But please, credit me (ArzeneG) and don’t say you are the author of …

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Project Collateral | Yacht

For this yacht, I decided to upsize things a little bit! This yacht is 180 blocks long. I have only completed the exterior at the moment. I will touch up the deck furniture later on and eventually add an interior, but this will definitely take a while. If anyone would like to help, then please PM me, as I really …

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USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN-69 | 1:1 Scale

So… Yeah I know its been a while since I’ve posted anything new on here… Over 2 years now as a matter of fact… But I’m back now, well, I’ve never really been gone. I’ve been active on PMC the entire time that I wasn’t posting anything, but I wasn’t really playing that much Minecraft. I started this project in …

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Mystic Island | Flat Terrain for Builders

Mystic Island is a fully build-able map, in FREE DOWNLOAD! You can use it for all of your projects, but you must specify who has made this map (me = bidule995). Custom Trees by Plutouthere : http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/medium-tree-pack/ Time of work : ~2h Size: about 2000×2000 Programs used : – WorldMachine – WorldPainter – Photoshop Additional Credits: Built by: bidule995 Screenshots

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Fryst Fortress

We started this project as a group in January of 2016, but stopped after only a little bit of work. I got tired of seeing it unfinished and decided to finish it! 😀 Huge thanks to Joebricksy for the render, really brings the build to life. Additional Credits: Built by: Abigantamos Screenshots

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Niteal | The Lost Kingdom McBcon

Today we present to you Niteal,  a project which we have been working on for the past month and a half. It has been the work of our whole team and some others – helpers. This project was an attempt to create a detailed and interesting map which can also be used. This is our first build as a team …

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Faberzhe Palace

Deep underneath the icy Baltic Sea, lies some of the most valuable treasure known to mankind. The finest creations of the legendary Faberge dynasty are held within an enormous fortress, towering from the seabed to the surface. Suitably Slavic architecture reflects the cultural context of the Faberge treasure, and the unmistakably Russian roots of these priceless gems Voluminous coral reefs form …

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Pirate Galleon | Full Interior

~*{The Emerald Queen}*~ Description So, here we are having come full circle, this is a remake of my first serious ship, The Emerald Queen, now ofcourse, a hundred times more serious 🙂 I built this to be the ultimate Pirate ship basically. This is easily, the best ship I’ve done, and I’m quite proud of it, it got the best …

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Castillo | Isla Alta

For this particular project, we created a majestic castle perched precariously atop a rocky island in the middle of the ocean. With its walls bristling with cannons and its towering cliffs which can dash ships to pieces, this fortress is virtually impregnable, and able to withstand any siege. We hope you enjoy this latest creation from us, and be sure …

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