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How To Make Water Look Deep | Well

If you ever wanted to make your pool, pond heck even a water well look deep this is for you. All you need is: Blue Wool Blue Stained Glass Water The bottom layer is the wool, with glass on top of it. Then top off the whole thing with water! Check it out:

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Dumpster Diving

Journal Log 36 “Stock the storage room. Tie the hooks. Line the rods. Clean the thrusters. Ready the engines- cough cough- were off to sea lads!” Those orders were given a week ago, and the following five days provided me with six fish, fifteen tires, seven pairs of mismatching boots, a flier’s license from New Jersey of a man by …

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Akira Rakani

Akira Rakani Vaeron is proud to present its comeback project. This project was created over the span of one month. We wanted to create something that could really represent the team coming back, and as such the project had to be something joyful and colorful. We believe this oriental theme managed to accurately depict our vision of the build. Were …

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This was built from the team “les Maçons du cube” by an original idea of Yep356 !  Took 1 year to complete and lets say its very obvious by the amazing level of detail to this map! There was no holding back on this project. Here are just a few of the things included: Terraforming Atlantis Water Cathedrals Great Walls …

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Oceancraft Mod: Fish, Crabs, Whales, Sharks and More

The oceancraft mod adds life to the empty ocean biome of Minecraft. The mod adds 13 new animals, 8 in the ocean, 1 in the air and 3 on the beach. This mod also adds new blocks, items and structures. There is a lot of more to discover in the oceans with this mod, see for yourself and download the mod! Oceancraft …

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Hypelia Castle

Built by Linard Hi everyone! This is a project I’m working on recently in single player. This is the good version of the castle Hypelia. The castle was made by me only and it took me 2 weeks. The renders was made with Chunky and the resource pack is Conquest

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Water Cooler

Here is a another great idea! Meet the new water cooler! This will be one of those finishing touches if your building an office, sports stadium, gym, or anything where water or Gatorade is needed! Just use a different color of stained glass! Whats Needed Snow Item Frame Cyan Stained Glass White Stained Glass Light Gray Carpet How To Use …

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Bridge | Water Template Megabuilding

Some words from the builder KatariaWolf The bridge connects the water temple spawn with the actual water temple. The spawn I will build in the near future, the bridge also still gets a nice extra! The whole can be fully downloaded (Water Temple Map) Wather temple download rules It can be used on servers Mus specify me as the builder. May not be offered for download Not  

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Hydros, the Evolving City of Tomorrow | Timelapse

Some words from the builder LanguageCraft LanguageCraft is proud to present Hydros, the City of Tomorrow. A year in the making, it is an underwater futuristic city, spanning a giant dome as well as a lake, and even tall towers along the seafront. After the city itelf was built, Demeter Tower was created to provide food, and the Opera for …

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