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Game of Thrones – WesterosCraft

For all the fans out there of Game of Thrones, which we are sure there are a lot of them here, we are happy to show you this project based on it name “WesterosCraft”. A few days ago it got pretty popular in Reddit because of the amazing built the creator has put together, the attention to detail into recreating the famously Kings Landing is outstanding.

If you want to know more about this project we recommend you to check out there site which has a lot more images and some really cool videos of the build too.

This project started in 2011 and its made by a community that wants to build the whole entire continent of Westeros and if everything goes right, they will want to continue working on other continents like Essos. Judging by the status of the project we are excited to see the progress and can’t wait for the finished version and hopefully, the Essos version too.

Video – https://youtu.be/m3Sy9_A04_I


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