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Minecraft Caves – Mining DataPack

Mining (or digging) is an essential part of Minecraft. It can be one of the most difficult tasks to carry out in the game. To obtain different kinds of ores used for crafting purposes, building items such as tools, armor and more, one needs to go beneath the earth. Especially in Survival Game Mode, all the resources collected will come in handy in surviving and completing the game. 

Mining Dimension, as the name per se, is a data pack created for mining activity. It was created by Artisan Miner Magnilum. This data pack is mainly aimed at players who love spending their time inside the caves, searching and mining for resources. 

What Is In The Data Pack

There are 6 different biomes created in this mining dimension. Each biome has their own particularities, with different levels of difficulties of searching and mining for resources. Let’s have a closer look at each of the biomes in this mining dimension. 

  • Caves – Ores are plenty and frequently appeared in this biome. There are also a lot of caves inside, and big mineshafts. Be careful when searching and mining for the ores as there are many mob spawners lurking inside the caves. 
  • Main Cave – Main Cave is a very large cave, and you could find vanilla ores generation to mine inside this cave. 
  • Main Cave Light Forest – The Main Cave Light Forest is a huge cave and is surrounded with dense forest. Some friendly creatures will appear which could still spawn whenever you encounter them. Same as the main cave, vanilla ore generation can be found inside.
  • Main Cave Dead Forest – Inside Main Cave Dead Forest, you can find and mine for vanilla ore generation. It is a large cave surrounded with dense dead trees. In this biome, the chances of encountering the witch and Enderman spawning are more.
  • Lava Main Caves -The large Lava Main Caves have 3 different types of resources that you could mine. This includes the vanilla ores generation, the blackstone generation and basalt pillar generation. One needs to stay alert when mining as there is a big number of hostile magma cube mobs spawners inside the cave.
  • Old World – The Old World is a newly created biome and it is a huge cave. It is not only rich with diamonds and coal, but also fossil. Inside the cave, there will be a lot of skeletons and wither skeletons roaming around and players will need to be careful while carrying out mining activity.  
  • Dungeons – The dungeons are randomly generated from layer 0 to 40, which are filled with many treasures. Stay alert when collecting the treasure as there are mobs inside.

*The vanilla ore generation can be found in all layers except for the height 0 to 128.

Minecraft Caves DataPack
Minecraft Mining DataPack
Minecraft Caves Mining DataPack

Why try out this Minecraft Mining Caves

The intention of Magnilum creating the Mining Dimension Data Pack is not to just create a new dimension for mining activity, but also to make it into something useful and entertaining to the players. With such a variety of biomes, with their own particularities, different resources offered and mob characters, all these will increase the level of satisfaction whenever one manages to obtain the resources they desire. 

Builder Credit

This data pack was made by Magnilum. To know more about Mining Dimension, the technical instructions such as the teleporting method, and also the latest updates, you can visit his page over here. Ideas of improving are always welcome, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment for any ideas, questions, or difficulty you encounter after installation. Last of all, don’t forget to subscribe to him. 

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