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10 Minecraft Challenges To Make Survival More Exciting

Do you consider yourself an expert in Minecraft and are looking for some new challenges? 

When you have played Minecraft for a long time, it makes sense to look for challenges that can push yourself. 

Oftentimes, this desire has nothing to do with winning, but more to fulfill the satisfaction of completing different Minecraft challenges.

After all, what is life if everything is just easy. 

So, are you ready to take on some Minecraft challenges and bring your skills to the next level? If yes, then check out the 10 must try Minecraft challenges.

1. Skyblock

Minecraft Challenges-Skyblock

If you haven’t tried Skyblock, then this will be the perfect first challenge for you to take on. 

Skyblock is one of the most popular survival gamemodes around; and one of the oldest as well. The goal is to survive and thrive on a floating island; and expand the island that comes with limited resources. 

As only necessary materials are provided and each has its own strategic use, it is important for you to utilize and preserve them wisely.

Moreover, you also need to make use of your Minecraft knowledge to complete challenges and to expand. 

It’s normal to make mistakes and end up restarting the game a few times. So don’t feel discouraged and keep on trying till you get hold of it.

There are countless Skyblock maps around that you can install and download to your Minecraft.

And if you want to have more difficulty, you can also join a Skyblock server and play in multiplayer worlds. 

2. Hardcore Survival Mode

Minecraft Challenges- Hardcore Survival Mode

If Skyblock doesn’t sound difficult enough for you, perhaps you should try Hardcore Survival Mode. 

In this mode, you only have one life and there is no respawn after dying.

After death, there are only two options: spectate world and delete world; and both take you back to the main menu. On top of that, you lose all of your progress as well after death.

Hardcore mode works like a regular Minecraft mode, but with the disadvantage of losing everything if you die. Hence, this mode is not made for everyone as some might think it’s ridiculous to lose everything from one death. 

Every move needs to be considered to stay alive till the end. All in all, this mode can be frustrating and tiring to play.

Still, it’s a good challenge for anyone who is bored of the regular game mode; and looking for difficulty and excitement.

Moreover, you can play in multiplayer worlds to boost the excitement. 

Usually, you can’t activate this mode in an existing world. To play in Hardcore mode, you need to set it to Hard when the world in created, and this setting can’t be changed after.  

3.  The 100 Days Challenge

Minecraft Challenges - 100 Days Challenge

Just as the name says, this challenge is about surviving for 100 Minecraft days. It is a self-imposed challenge where you can play with any other challenges in the list. 

The main objective of 100 Day challenge is to survive the game and accomplish goals within the set time frame. Once you complete the challenge, you can choose to shorten or extend the survival timeline according to your preference. 

Actually, we strongly recommend you to play this challenge in Hardcore mode.

Not only do you need to stay alive, but you can only defeat the Ender Dragon in no more than 100 Minecraft days.

In other words, you can only challenge the Ender Dragon on day 99 or 100, or you risk losing everything if the fight starts earlier than the set time frame.

This adds difficulty into the game as it now becomes a race against the time. Everything needs to be planned and calculated wisely while staying alive.

If you want to make things easier, you can install a day counter mode to keep track of the days. 

4. The Nomad Challenge

The Nomad Challenge

The Nomad Challenge is about living a nomadic life, where you move from place to place without having a permanent house, just like how our ancestors used to live.

As the ultimate goal is to live like a nomad, you need to leave behind your possessions, with few essential items carried with you. The use of chests is forbidden as well throughout the challenge. 

Then, you have to randomly move around the map without a destination; and try to survive while moving.

You can build a hut for the night, but it must be destroyed once you wake up. Just like a real nomad, you’re not allowed to rest in the same place twice in a night. 

You can start this challenge at any time, even on the stage you’re currently at. Besides, you can freely set the time frame, although it makes more sense to do it for a week at least. 

So far everything sounds quite easy right? What about we increase the difficulty by not looking at the map while heading back home?

Now this is definitely a harder challenge, especially since you have been randomly moving around for a week. 

Here are some tips that you can use to navigate home safely. While on the move, try to go in one direction and do some marking along the way.

When you’re ready to go home, look for redstone and build a compass; and look for the marks to find your way back home.  

5. The Never-ending Nether Portal

The Never-Ending Portal

If you’re someone who likes a good grind and is willing to spend a fair amount of time in the Nether, then this is your challenge.

In this challenge, the goal is to build a never-ending Nether portal, which means the portal will go on forever without any end.  

It can be done by either building a portal that is bigger on the inside or you can also use mods. However, it is recommended to do it the vanilla way. 

Keep in mind that this challenge is not only difficult, but also time consuming. Thus, be prepared to spend many hours in the Nether if you want to complete the task. 

6. Hermit Chunk Challenge

Hermit Chunk Challenge

Are you blessed with a creative and imaginative mind? If yes, you should try the Hermit Chunk Challenge. 

It is a different take on survival mode where you will be spawned to an island size of 16×16 blocks. Despite the size, you can find all the resources you need to survive.  

All the resources such as small caves, woods, ores, and lava can be found on this island chunk. Besides, you are also able to teleport to the Nether and the End. 

The objective is to survive with the limited resources in the island, and lastly fight with the ender dragon. This challenge is on a higher difficulty level. Thus, it can be frustrating to play.

However, if you defeated the big boss with the tools crafted from these limited resources, you’re surely a pro in Minecraft. 

You can access anything you need for this challenge on the HermitCraft website. In this site, you can obtain the mod where it will spawn you to start the adventure. 

7. The Tower of Pimps

The Tower of Pimps

The ultimate goal is to build a tower in the shape of the letter “P” with the bottom block being obsidian; and remain standing as long as possible.

You can do this challenge in any world type. However, it is better to play in Creative so that you won’t need to worry about obsidian mining.

Moreover, it is important to have a well executed construction plan that makes the tower stay standing. 

Although it’s a challenge that requires more creativity skill, still, this doesn’t make it any less fun and difficult. In addition, you can play it solo or with friends.

8. The War of the Worlds

The War of Worlds

The War of the Worlds is an ideal challenge for those who look for a warfare and combative experience. 

In this challenge, the Minecraft world is experiencing a full-on Martian invasion. You need to build weapons and armor to save the world and defeat the invaders.

Besides, you also have to race against the clock to contain infection that causes the blocks to become hazardous; and turn the world into another red planet. 

This is a perfect teamwork game, as it will be hard to defeat the enemies by yourself.

Thus, team up with whoever you want, your friends or even strangers online, and start working together to protect the Minecraft world and defeat the invaders. 

9. Down-Up Mining

Down-Up Mining

The Down-Up Mining is more like an added difficulty to than an actual challenge. That is because you can pretty much do all the usual things, but with a twist on the mining rule. 

In this challenge, you can only do it straight up or straight down when mining. It does sound like an easy challenge, until you encounter lava in your mining process. 

Even if you didn’t find any lava while mining, you might still have some hard time getting out if you miscalculated your step.

10. Peace And Love Challenge

Peace & Love Challenge

This challenge is one the most unique challenges you can do in Minecraft. For this challenge, you will have to survive without killing any creature you bump into.

No creatures shall be killed in any situation. You’re not allowed to attack mobs, to use animals to do violence and kill them as food resources. 

Hence, we recommend you to brush up on your farming skills; plant seeds and grow your own crops for food.

To protect yourself, it is important to have torches on you. With this, you will have light at all times and wouldn’t need to kill any hostile mobs. 

It is not a difficult challenge to complete. All you need to do is avoid killing any creatures.

However, it can be a little boring overtime, especially if you’re not used to playing under such restrictions. 

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