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Floating Island Server Spawn w/ Survival World

Floating Island Server Spawn
By: MrMagicBlox

This project is of a semi-fantasy/medieval themed floating island village and took three days to build. It is designed with server function in mind and Includes areas for loot crates, holos, a server shop, arena portal hub, special event area, player plugin help, a drop party platform, and more. This also has three drop points where players can drop into the survival world and begin their adventure. There is also a great small village area for an RPG along with a few “Easter Egg” areas built in that can include prizes if players find those secret areas. lastly, a very small deserted island can be found just below spawn with a dingy ship and a pirate burying his treasure!

The download is a full normal world file with the spawn in it. You can put the file right on your server and start playing on your server or singleplayer!

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