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Kingdom of Cial | Server Spawn

The builder: Antroz59 Hey guys, I know I have been inactive for a while already and I apologize for that. A lot of stuff have been going on since the creation of my YouTube channel and I did not really have the time to post on PMC. BUT, I am back today with that big a** town/village/port in construction. From the …

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Phantos Sar’is | Castle

Some words from the builder  Leopled1 Phantos Sar’is is my most recent large scale build. It took me roughly 9 – 10 hours to create this, so I hope you like it!This build is for exterior purposes only, as I am not really an interior designer.This is also the OFFICIAL Server spawn of the phantom-craft server, so anyone who claims …

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The Grey Palace

Some words from the builder Mcgangsterhans So I started a city hall. I was working on a spawn, I had the idea of an overgrown city hall with a big tree grown trough the dome on top. I build it but I used the ton hall from the sg2 by vareide. But it felt wrong to partly use someone other’s build. …

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