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Medieval Fantasy Mage Tower | Build Stages

Medieval Fantasy Mage Tower – Build Stages Thanks for watching today’s video! So Close to that 100,000 Subscriber Special! So Please Don’t Forget to Subscribe! I hope you guys enjoy this download, – 12 Building Stages of a Medieval Fantasy Mage tower I used to create a small video timlapse as seen in the video! =] Additional Credits: Built by: …

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Mountain Valley Meadow | Ultra Realistic Terrain

Map Name: Mountain Valley Meadow Map Size: 2048 x 1024 Map Genre: RPG/Creative Author: chronomancer [ ] – Survival Ready [ X ] – Cheats Enabled [ ] – Caves and Caverns [ X ] – Clean Slate (no structures, etc) About the Map: This is a unique 2k x 1k mountain valley featuring smooth foothills and meadows that sweep …

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As Simple As It Gets

The 1.8 seed “simplicity” is a beautiful yet simple seed. You spawn right next to a village surrounded by simple biomes: a swamp, forest and field. Not only can you start off easy with the village, there are fantastic cave systems found right around the village.

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The Ultimate Survival Island

The fantastic Minecraft 1.8 seed “93819220” spawns you on an island in what seems to be the middle of nowhere. However, after quickly searching around the island, you discover this island is definitely not the typical Survival Island challenge. Two rarities exist on the island itself: wolves, and sugar cane. The real prize with this seed is an underwater stronghold found right …

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Courtyard Server Hub | 4 Portals

Hello! Today I present you with another hub I finished recently. A diamond or any form of feedback will be appreciated as I am putting this build up for download. By default, this hub includes the following portals: Creative Factions Mini Games Survival Feel free to change them as to your liking but note that you may NOT take credit …

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The Origin Lands: Zorilak of Dasgnir | 8K x 8K Custom Terrain

Today I present you the Origin Lands: Zorilak of dasgnir. The world is 8000 x 8000 blocks wide. It contains 3 continents and some more smaller islands. On these continents you will find a lot of different biomes, from taiga, over corrupted woods, swamp and a lot more to desert savanna and jungle. In the mountains there are huge custom …

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The Baroque Survival Games | 32 Players

So here it is : The Baroque Survival Games : its a huge survival games map ( 2k*2k terraforming, 1k*1k city ) with 6 mega builds and tons of little builds, a 32 players spawn. Chests are already placed, but i did not put the dome with MCedit because its not good for the renders / cinematic. I was supposed …

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Flowers of Lakes | Survival Map

Hi everybody , today i’ll start describing my post in french because this was made for 6 frenchs youtubers ! ———— Français———– Bonjour à tous ! Je suis très heureux aujourd’hui de vous proposer mon nouveau projet que j’ai réalisé en colaboration avec mon ami Wuxa qui a réalisé le batiment central . Cette carte a été réalisée à l’occasion …

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Meiva – Dance of the Elements | Survival Map

  Welcome to Meiva! From magic gardens of Azorzeia to the lands of perfect balance. Lonely wanderer travels to Meiva to search there for the way to his lost home Theia. Overview Meiva archipelago consists of two islands – Whedab & Mitne. Whedab is opposite to Mitne – Whedab is cold and dark but Mitne is warm and overgrown with …

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